Orient Express Bank: Guest

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Founded in 1991, Orient Express Bank today has become a very large financial network and has in its arsenal of more than 550 branches of various sizes.It takes quite a decent third place among the banking infrastructure in the number of operating offices.Coverage of a wide geographic area - from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka - allows us to serve many visitors at a time.Deposits, loans for various purposes, and credit cards - this is a product that offers the bank to its clients.

course, this dry statistics, but much more interesting to know what customers are saying about Orient Express Bank.Reviews of any financial institution can easily be seen on various forums.Currently, the majority of citizens who are interested in obtaining the services of the bank, trying to figure out most of the information is from an official source and means of communicating with established customers are interested in the subject.

What is the Orient Express Bank?Reviews of him a variety of ...

After a little analysis, you can answer that, like any other bank, talking about him, and good and bad.Let us also consider the important details for us.

positive reviews of Orient Express Bank relate mainly to relatively high compared with other banks, the interest rates on deposits.

As you know, since the beginning of the global crisis is not only financial institutions to suspend operations for the issuance of all types of loans, but also significantly reduced the rates on deposits.The crisis is almost over, but the rates are very slow and reluctant to rise ....

This omission on the part of financiers made up for Orient Express Bank.Guest at the same time have become much better.True to the policy chosen by the board, raised the rating!Another plus - it's quality service.Of course, such a stir as the Savings Bank, there is, take every customer as a "native."You agree that this is a distinct advantage!

But what is "offended" Orient Express Bank customer?Comments left by disgruntled people say that there are negative aspects, mainly on the design of loans.
most discussed - is the presence of very important, but seemingly invisible details that "pop up" after signing the contract, and even much later.It should be noted that the majority of existing bank financial arena have such a "skeleton in the closet."Simply clients 'overjoyed' positive response to the loan, often do not pay attention to such things, what then accused the banking industry.Therefore it is better to re-read the contract carefully several times, especially what is written in small print - often "the most salt" is there.

In addition, users of loan products mark an increase in interest rates after the conclusion of the contract.The moment an unpleasant, but not prohibited by law, so the claims in this case are irrelevant.

word, in which bank to handle and with whom to work - this is purely a personal matter!Orient Express Bank, reviews of which have been analyzed in this article, in principle, can be recommended.Just be careful when signing documents, and then the negative aspects that cause distrust customers and reflect on the reputation of banks, will not occur!