Who was Mayakovsky?

Among the representatives of Russian art were many artists to realize themselves in different spheres of creativity.Not only a remarkable poet, but also a talented musician and mathematician was a diplomat Alexander Griboyedov.Beautiful picture painted Lermontov.Arts, music and literature almost equally attracted to her Pasternak.I do not stay on the sidelines in this list of brilliant personalities and Mayakovsky.He left the clearest mark not only in the Russian Soviet poetry, but also many other aspects of our culture.

Faces talent

Who was Mayakovsky - the question is not idle.From the pages of school textbooks have several askance, looking stern and exacting serious man with large, expressive features.Borer piercing eyes, as if they wanted to ask: "What did you do for the Revolution and the new Soviet power?The sacrifice for the good of the country? "Who was Mayakovsky and what right had judged his contemporaries and descendants?The answer is simple.Primarily a poet, put his immense talent at the service of revolutionary Russia.Personality, determined the development of the domestic art for many years to come.An innovator in the field of poetry, literary theory.Great experimenter rhymes, rhythms and images.But this is not all of the list of those professions, who was Mayakovsky!Cartoonist whose posters in growth in three years, not only reported on domestic and foreign policy, the situation on the fronts, but also serves as a great propaganda tool.The editor of the revolutionary literary magazine.Actor movie, director and screenwriter, playwright, journalist - that's what was Mayakovsky during his short but extremely bright and rich creative life.Like a comet, he raced across the sky of Russian art, leaving a shining light.

Mayakovsky satirist

It satire - the literary genre in which increasingly realized the poet.Creativity Mayakovsky can be divided into several periods.But his early works, and poems mature pores of one thing: total rejection and caustic ridicule philistinism, vulgarity, rudeness and lack of spirituality life in all its manifestations."Slap in the face of public taste" deliberately provocative images generalized to the characters, grotesque, full of his poems - from the first, published in collections of literary society "Gilei" ("You", "Night"), to the best samples of the Soviet period: the magnificent "Prozasedavshiesya"" On the trash "and many others.And his play playwright and poet Mayakovsky also wrote satirical bright colors."The Bedbug" and "Bath" - not just a fictional images with society at that time.They are relevant today, because opportunists and moral monsters, alas, still not outlived itself.

Mayakovsky lyric

loudly herald poet Vladimir Mayakovsky considered his main task improvement, upgrading of life, promoting universal happiness, swelling of the very "world conflagration" that will destroy the flame in his enslavement physical and spiritual slavery, will be a source of birththe new psychology of the new man - a free, independent, toiling for the benefit of themselves and their people.But few know that Mayakovsky - a thin, shrill lyricist who created stunning touching and tragic tension of poetry.It is not for nothing compared with the heart of a poet fragile, vulnerable, beautiful butterfly.Suffice it to recall his famous "Lilichka!" That appeared in front of us a very different lyrical character: gentle, vulnerable, loving devotion and dedication."Tatyana Yakovleva," "About that," "Letter to Comrade Kostrov ..." and many other works on the theme of love - a vivid example of how versatile his talent.Interestingly, in many lyrical texts we clearly trace notes civic poetry Nekrasov.Vladimir Vladimirovich, too, believed that the intimate, secret must closely intertwined with the civil, public.By the way, like Nekrasov, Mayakovsky's personal life has been dramatic.He was not among the favorites of fortune, pets women.Each of his novel was, rather, a tragedy than a coincidence of happy moments.And he left this world, caught up in the contradictions of love, artistic, ideological.The Gordian knot of problems "hacked" a pistol shot.

rank creativity

Art Mayakovsky system consists of many elements, often conflicting, but in his work constitute a unique organic fusion.It has everything: a fantastic spectacle and ancient tragedy, epic drama and mystery "buff", comedy intertwined with intense lyricism, and satire is adjacent to the heroic pathos.Poems and poems of the Soviet people, the difficulties which it overcomes, full of optimism and firm belief in the victory of the new system.Satire helps fight the vestiges of the past and the present ugly grimaces.Only the lyrics reveals the soul of a poet, as a stretched string and shrill ringing whenever touching it.