How to speed up Windows 7 by configuring

At the time, the appearance of Windows Vista operating system has become a significant event in history.Although many users on forums and analysts in their reviews unflattering comments about the performance of the software solution, referring to well-known problems with non-optimal memory consumption, unnecessarily high load on the processor and other things.However, it was no longer bored during the years of Windows XP, but something fundamentally new.Quickly realizing the flaws, Microsoft has released Windows 7, also known under the term "Seven."Externally, it was almost the same as Vista, but the internal logic of the software has been significantly improved.It makes no sense to list all the benefits of the Win 7 on Win XP - the web has a lot of material on the subject.It is important that users have switched to the system.And soon began to appear questions about how to speed up Windows 7. The main reason for slowing down your computer (in comparison to the previous system) - is the increased load on the computing components.However, by simple configuration it is possible to improve productivity.So, how to speed up Windows 7?

One of the innovations - a graphical interface Aero.Translucent windows and other interesting effects create additional load on the graphics card, memory and processor.Their trip - one of the most effective ways on how to speed up Windows 7.

Click the right mouse button (RMB) on the label "Computer" and open the "Properties".If it is not your desktop, then open the menu "Start" button, find the "Computer" and execute these steps.After clicking a window in which the left there is a link "More Options", click it.Now you can see the button "Settings" in the "Performance".In fact, how to speed up Windows 7 is no big deal, because the developers have provided this opportunity.

window has 4 options preset functions are intuitive.Thus, the "best view" uses all the graphic interface improvements, and "best performance", on the contrary, closer look of the system to Windows 2000. It is only necessary to select the desired mode and click "Apply".On the overall health of these changes do not affect: all applications are still working.

Sometimes Member raises the question of how to speed up loading of Windows 7. Do not work with the system and the time it takes from the moment of switching to the desktop to appear.There are several ways to address this issue.The most effective - is the acquisition of the hard disk SDD (solid state memory), at least for the operating system, that is, of about 50 GB.Differences in download speed "before and after" noticeable even on systems with outdated components.The only drawback - the need to invest in the purchase of a new device.

To some extent speed up the loading of Windows 7 can be achieved by performing defragmentation.Open the "Computer", by pressing the RMB call properties of the system drive, the "Service".From here you can start the optimization of file allocation.Please note that the process takes a long time.

There are several ways to improve the performance of Win 7. However, noticeable results without having to replace some components can not be achieved.