Learn when to plant grapes

Gardeners prefer to plant grapes, when the plant is in a state of rest, from the beginning of leaf fall to bud.When planting grapes is best?In this issue we discuss in detail: 2 consider the optimal season for planting and highlight their positive and negative points.

Planting in autumn

autumn seedlings fresh and have a strong potential, as they are not transported for weeks and did not keep in Prikope.On the agronomic side of autumn - the perfect time for planting, as the supply of moisture during the winter replenished, and the soil compacted.For rooting seedlings enough to hold only one watering.

When planting grapes in the fall?Then, when finished harvesting, and the leaves on the trees turn yellow.At this time, the easier to find the desired grade, as growers digging produce seedlings.For southern areas Another advantage is that the soil does not freeze in the winter at the depth of the roots, so the plant can grow in the spring of young roots.

Planting spring

When planting grapes in the fall if did not have time?Of course, in the spring.During the winter, you can prepare for the next planting - to order the required grade, schedule a day to restore order in the garden area, prepare holes and stuff.Frost will not be able to damage the young plants.

In April and May are thrown annual lignified plants, in May and June - green vegetative."How to plant grapes in the summer?" - Ask novice gardeners.Planting of the summer season takes place only in the first month (June), it is analogous to the spring.Late planting fraught with insufficient moisture in the soil and the air temperature is too high, which is detrimental to a young runaway.

Seasonal cons

autumn must carefully protect plants.They are covered with cut plastic bottles with three holes.The soil is watered by several buckets of water and loosened.

until frost shoots need to hide peat, sawdust, pine needles, or conventional ground, falling asleep planting pits.In the event of abnormal cold and the vine buds even under the cover may be affected.

On the question of when to plant grapes, there is no unequivocal answer.When planting trees in autumn snowfall threatened, causing fractures branches, sunburn, frost-crack, gale-force wind, and hungry mice feeding on vine shoots, immoral person wishing to profit at the expense of others.

spring in the soil is not enough moisture, so when planting seedlings will need to be watered daily abundantly.The soil will need to be periodically loosen and mulch.To ensure rooting planting cut - it reduces the consumption of water.

So when to plant grapes?Here we must proceed from the region of residence, cultivars and available time.Autumn shoots during the winter planting wounds heal and become strong.Spring seedlings also require more careful attitude.So the season for planting every gardener chooses.You can not just plant in the winter months, as the cold weather the roots can not take root.