How to properly wash your hair

Smooth, living, mysteriously shimmering wave of hair - the desire of every woman.Not so important length and type of hair, the shape of hair and a commitment to fervent curls, fluffy clouds, or the laconic severity.The main thing - an attractive hair, filled with health, obedient, perfect in its beauty.Save this magic, the magic of the natural decorations, prevent damage, breakage, loss, dissection and other troubles will concern the complex inside and outside.This is definitely a full and rich food, regular care, feed off the mask, protection from the aggression of styling products, staining the environment.

Proper care - is a science, at the same time complex and inexplicably complex simple.In fact, it is a habit, it is difficult at the start, and then have a need, a nice relationship and stunning result.A caring, as you know, begins with cleansing, before the release of nutrition, recovery, humidification.Hair, like skin, needs to be purified completely, but delicate, caring.Moreover, the process of washing the hair - this is just one of the stages of purification, which also includes the preparation, the choice of means of protection, drying.

So, before cleansing the hair they certainly should be prepared.Combing helps to remove surface contaminants, and the need less shampoo and only one application of a cleaning agent that has additional protection of hair from injury and some aggression active cleaning components, especially if the cosmetics manufacturing, not homemade.Brushing also prevents excessive tangling wet hair, which is sure to be avoided.Wet tangled hair can be easily torn, not even noticing.

Then you should certainly choose the right cleanser, based on the type of hair, forced frequency of washing, the length of the strands, such as hair and need pilings, hair features, season, etc., even flavor agents.The process of selection is definitely different.However, there are summarizing the recommendations and some prohibitions.Firstly, you can not use a tool that is clearly not appropriate: there is stiffness of hair, dandruff, irritation, brittleness, dullness and other features.It must be immediately and mercilessly remove, or better (this from experience) pour out, especially if none of the household does not fit.Secondly, it is preferable to use separate cleansing agent and emollient, conditioning than two in one.

not necessary to avoid frequent washing, modern mild enough, and staleness hair unattractive and unprofitable, provokes the disease and the damage is much greater than the daily cleaning, the more correct.Water for washing should be pleasant, suitable temperature, the last rinse should be more cool water.Water is desirable to mitigate or use thawed, boiled.Shampoo or other cleansing agent prefoamed better in the palm or dish with a bit of water, rather than on the hair.When cleaning do not rub, pull, "wash" your hair and wash them against the direction of growth.It is necessary to apply massage lightly prepared foam on the hair, threw back his head slightly, gently promassazhirovat, pamper them and scalp of such foam.Rinse well to be in the direction of growth from the forehead, back of the head to the neck.After cleansing, you should definitely rinse hair herbal tea or infusion.

drying hair, is also required to show the tenderness and delicacy.Better to just get wet towel and dissolve, leave to dry naturally.While not dry combing, do not run under the rays of the sun, wind or a hairdryer.If you want to put urgently, you must wait until dry up, apply special means and put a hairdryer in the power saving mode from a distance.