How to do eye makeup

neat and meticulous makeup can reflect your personality, taste and culture.Of course, makeup can accentuate your strengths and successfully hide all defects.Therefore it is very important to know how to do eye makeup, because it is the primary and basic element of our make up.

First of all we will need to prepare our eyelids for makeup.For this perfect gel or emulsion to be applied for at least ten minutes before the start of the main process.Do not forget about the "problem" areas of almost every person - the lower eyelids.Professionals in this case advised to disguise dark circles under the eyes are not the usual creams, and a special light foundation created for this delicate area of ​​skin.Good quality for the production of cosmetics company can offer you a wide range of corrective means for this purpose.

In the cold season should pay our attention to the creamy shade, which after all, is better suited for the winter.They are great to protect your eyes from the cold and create a beautiful image in this time of year.

to make perfect eye makeup, you need to take seriously the selection of shades.It is worth paying attention to the road manufacturers of decorative cosmetics, which can offer you a high-quality resistant and shade.Indeed, good shade will favorably differ from cheap that they do not fade and will not "roll" without weighing ever and will hold onto them for a long time.
To know how to do eye makeup, you need to pay special attention to the color scheme which suits you.Keep in mind that the clear and bright shades are versatile and suitable to each girl.The main rule that should guide the choice of colors of shadows, is that they do not have to match the color of your eyes, but rather to contrast.

In addition, in the shade of makeup we use, we can not do without such an irreplaceable cosmetic product like a pencil or eyeliner.If you can not make a smooth and clear direction, you can resort to a small but very useful tricks - to divide this complex procedure into two main stages.First draw a line starting from the midway century to outer corner of your eye, and then - to complement a line from the inner corner of the eye.If you are using liquid eyeliner, you can use the powder first, then deposited the arrow will be more clear and smooth.For day makeup is better to use soft soft pencil, and charcoal-colored evening eyeliner will look very favorably on your face.

experts in answering the question how to do eye makeup, not less emphasis on making adjustments and eyelashes.Indeed, the best mascara is able to improve the eye makeup, make it even more impressive.When choosing mascara should pay special attention to its brush - it must be thick and slightly tapered forward.Also, fresh ink must be, but is not particularly greasy.Makeup artists recommend starting to paint the lashes from the middle of your eyelid, starting from the outer part, and then move to the inside.

course, every girl must know how to do eye makeup as a basic means of expression of our face.The method of trial and error you will learn to emphasize your strengths.And hide your flaws.Good luck!