Interesting facts about Turgenev.

What are the origins of literary or any other art?What are the driving forces compel the artist to do?According to the laws of dialectics, such forces are all sorts of contradictions, often hidden in the depths of the process.Look carefully to the more well-known writer on the school curriculum.What are some interesting facts from the life of Turgenev we manage to find?

What do we know about the author of "Mumu" and "Gentry"?

Creativity Ivan Turgenev is an integral part of the classical heritage of Russian literature of the nineteenth century.His books continue to shape the consciousness of the Russian people has for the second century.The ideas of the writer continue to be relevant, and its artistic images does not lose its expressiveness and in the early twenty-first century.A controversial facts about Turgenev attracted the attention of not only researchers of his work, but ordinary readers of his stories and novels.A writer's life was a lot of interesting events and controversial circumstances.

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biographical facts

If you describe briefly the life of Turgenev, the first catches the eye following strange circumstance - wholeheartedly loved Russian nature writer preferred to spend years of his life as far as possible from Russia.Maybe it from a distance it was easier to write lengthy descriptions of Russian forests, fields, villages and estates?Inspiration - a capricious thing ... But in reality, everything was much more prosaic.Having inherited a good and steady income from estates, writer felt much more comfortable outside the homeland.The aristocratic elite of Russia willing to read Turgenev.That's just to share his political views could not.All of the most interesting facts from the life of Turgenev's somehow related to his worldview.That he was so strange feudal landlords.


Great Russian literature is required to master, the landowner that he was one of the first writers who drew attention to life, life and customs of the common people.Prior to the "Notes of a Hunter" Turgenev was not in vogue.The very title of this series of stories invented by the editor of the journal "Contemporary" Panayev to somehow justify the reader a little unusual range of themes and images, which he will meet in the pages of this book.Interesting facts from the life of Turgenev begin on its pages, where a narrator easily recognizable author of the narrative.And the landowner-nobleman with deep sympathy and attentive to the plight of ordinary Russian peasants, serfs.And that's not the most interesting of Turgenev's life.Sympathizers oppressed writer is not limited.He did everything in his power to change the existing order of things in Russia.


Perhaps the best years of his life in France, Turgenev passed.He willingly accepted in the highest circles of aristocratic and bohemian salons of Paris.His books were translated, published and read throughout the enlightened Europe.The writer traveled a lot, liked to stay on the Cote d'Azur in France, in Italy.Often it is accompanied, as an honorary escort tours of the famous French singer Pauline Viardot, his beloved.We do not go unnoticed and such interesting facts about Turgenev, as part of his visits to the gaming house and Baden-Baden Casino and Monte Carlo.Russian writer was extremely betting man, and in the media is not particularly needed.But with all this for a long time I kept him in Europe is not the love of riotous living.Stay away from the homeland it was mainly due to the writer's way of thinking, which is a fair degree contradicts the ruling circles of the Russian Empire.

New people Turgenev

Of course, the writer was not alone in his efforts.He represented his creativity increasing pace powerful acceleration for public opinion.Wherever the years passed Turgenev's life, his books were aimed at the gradual approximation of the inevitable socio-political changes in Russia.In addition to the serfs, he brought in his works a gallery of such types that were previously in Russian literature was not simple.But they were in the mid-nineteenth century Russian society and are naturally reflected in the pages of novels and stories Turgenev.We are talking about commoners-revolutionaries.About people who categorically did not suit the prevailing way of Russian life for centuries.About those who are painfully searching for ways to change the existing order of things.One can argue about the attitude of the author to these new heroes, it is far from unambiguous.But the writer-realist immortalized their spiritual quest in his books.And we would be today without them very difficult to understand the pre-revolutionary era.

country is on the verge of big changes

writer had to leave this world long before Russia swept a whirlwind of wars and revolutions.And today we can only guess about how Russian classics have reacted to what happened in the country after half a century after the abolition of serfdom.But the realist writer Turgenev always been at the forefront of public debate and in his works could not repel a premonition of great change.Through his book, revolutionary ideas and sentiments reached the consciousness of an entire generation of Russian people.There was no future revolutionary who is not familiar with his work.