You want your wish will come true ???

Recently, I watched a parable "about desire," and recalled the situation, nearly 20 years ago.

I was just starting to engage in psychological practice, came to me for consultation respectable lady, and when I ask her about how the situation she came to me in the answer has heard:

- You know, I wish that you would have given me the moneyI gave my friend 3 years ago.And I wish that you would have released me from my husband 10.

To which I told her that I can not return the money because I did not have it they took a loan and about muzha- the simplest divorced.

By the time she was 7 times officially married twice and was in a civil marriage on the coins she was the third civil marriage.

She had a desire to marry a beautiful, independent, secured a man.These and her husband came across, successful, independent.

With the first she lived for three years, after which he turned to her words, "a housewife".He left the job, doing household chores and was completely on its content.

followed their husbands all repeated the same way, the truth, "housewives" they became a year - Poltarev.This was the last half a year.

Moreover, observed the following pattern, after she parted with them, through the floor, the year they were again successful independent people.

When I asked Her her, she lives with her husband in dvoem or with them someone else lives.It turned out that she and her husband live with their mother in an apartment.Leave my mother she can not, because my mother is sick all the time.Her mother worked as a teacher all his life and has been for some time, party secretary of the school.

She was also a teacher and at the time of treatment to me held senior positions.

and Ca me she started talking from the position of chief - subordinate.

porekomendavala I told her, to save the marriage, begin to change itself ...

- And what do you for a psychologist?

- I heard in response.

- Here I come to one psychologist, she laid out the card, and told me all that awaits me and my family ...

And you, only time spent in the blank to meet with you.

time I was very upset about the assessment of my professional skills and I am a long time in the shower was indignant, an occasion that came up to me and worked with me on their problems, customers grumbled that now we are working,and the money you have to pay.

But it went to a Psychic or fortune tellers, paid a lot more than me and be happy.

However, through a while back came to me for help, again muttering ... all over again.

But then I realized that going to the Psychic, fortunetellers, magicians person goes to the desires and hopes that those on the wave of a magic wand, will take all his desires, and thus he did not have to do anything.

Turning for help to a psychologist, to work under the supervision of a psychologist himself - and that work is not always easy and pleasant ...

vospaminaniya These are inspired by me a parable "about desire."