Tina Kandelaki: "Those who do not lose weight, the hamburger"

Tina Kandelaki, like most of the women after the winter, gained a few extra pounds.With such a problem faced by many stars.Now known TV presenter describes in her blog a rigid diet, which she had to endure.

LiveJournal Tina Kandelaki recognizes that acquired six overweight.Tina says that at a time when her image on TV ceased to please, it took immediate action.The final straw that pushed the fight against excess weight, became Alika Smekhova, participant in the show "Two stars" at first, which leads Kandelaki: "After Alec Smekhova touched my fat rear light, the desire to have disappeared instantly."

slimming Tina was developed personal menu.The result justifies all expectations, the new presenter like her daily diet, which, in her own words, Tina even managed to "sit down."Here's how the menu looks like presenter.

8: 00-8: 30 - cranberry juice on stevia (that is, apparently, some special, very correct);
9: 30-10: 00 - quail egg with spinach and yoghurt sauce;
11: 00-11: 30 - mashed pears with agave syrup;

14: 00-15: 00 - cabbage with apples, cranberries and homemade sunflower oil soup with pumpkin seeds;
17: 00-17: 30 - beets with quince (recently ate a very tasty);
19: 30-20: 30 - salmon fillet steamed with young boiled potatoes.
Extras - water without gas, 0.5 liters, a little non-yeasted breads.

Or another day:
10am - beetroot drink grapefruit juice;
12am - juice "Green Goddess", consisting of green grass;
14:00 - beet juice chlorophyll;
16:00 - juice "Super Trio" - beets, carrots and pineapple;
18:00 - drink "Uoldorfsky salad" - cabbage, apple, celery;
20:00 - the juice of carrots and greens.

A few days after starting the diet, Tina wrote: "Comrades, I can tell you that this diet is not never sat in life.I decided to record all these recipes, because besides the fact that you can order it all (but it is really expensive, but on the other hand - as compared to the restaurant is still profitable), all elementary possible to cook at home. "

In conclusion, we note the following, the main thing to start, and may serve as an incentive anything, even the weather is nice outside.

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