How to know the temperature of the video card

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Temperature for technology is not as important as the bed for the patient with a broken leg.And if in the case of a man, he can tell about his discomfort through words, the computer will try to tell you about their "feelings" with built-in sensors.And whether you watch their testimony, or trust to a traditional Russian "maybe", depends on you.

In this article we will talk about how to check the temperature of your computer graphics card.It is useful and the information of what threatens a significant excess of the manufacturer's recommended maximum.

first look at how to check the temperature of the processor and graphics card.As already mentioned, there are already sensors that manufacturers of video cards and motherboards are implementing in their products in order to help the user in the monitoring parameters of the PC.Since all these components tend to overheat from insufficient cooling, periodic monitoring of their testimony would not be amiss in the winter, but it is especially true in the summer heat.If your PC is running Microsoft Windows, you have access to these applications, allowing to know the temperature of the video card or processor as shareware programs AIDA64 and Everest.And there is a completely free software called Speed ​​Fan.

Check the temperature of the processor or graphics card is easiest with the help of quite convenient and not burdened with unnecessary features Speed ​​Fan.After installation, it is enough to just run.Access to sensor data, you will have immediately on the first page that opens.Look for the line GPU, the right of it will be referred to the current temperature of your video, it will be under the line CPU - is the sensor processor.

If in addition to these parameters you are also interested in all the other sensors, or whether you want to deal with your existing PC hardware, it will be interesting to delve into the extensive menu Everest.After all, this package is deservedly considered one of the best in those situations when you need to know about a PC all available information, from the beginning to the end.

How to know the temperature of the video card and CPU via Everest?To get information on the current sensor readings, you must first click on the menu item "Computer" and select the last item there "Sensor."The right window will display information about the status of the system, the line will tell the CPU, in which mode the processor temperature, and the line "graphics processor", as its name implies, will help identify the sensor data card.

Well, for those who like to check your computer for the stability of the various benchmarks and performance tests - the best choice to AIDA64.Incidentally, in this program you just like in the previous one, will be able to learn about your system a large amount of very different information.They are practically identical and interfaces.

How to know the temperature of the video card and processor using AIDA64?In the main menu, click on "Computer" in the pull-down menu, select "Dashboard".The line "CPU" is responsible for the CPU temperature, the line "Diode GP" - show you the current readings of the thermometer card.

Will only know the maximum allowable temperature for your video card, the data are always published on the websites of manufacturers.Based on this value, you can already determine if you face something that temperature, which you see on the screen at the control or not.

Now that you already know how to check the temperature of the video card, let's talk about what can cause overheating of the central processor or video.It should make a reservation that the CPU does not like temperatures above 70 degrees, with 100 already starts very slowly and work at temperatures above 110 may be damaged.Well, the GPU unlike CPU normally operates at temperatures up to 90 C, and can work in a more or less steady state to the limit temperature, which in most cases is 105 degrees, further heating can cause inhibition of applications, and even the destruction of the graphics processor.So watch the state of the cooling system of your computer, and it will thank you reliable performance.