How to draw a dolphin: step by step instructions.

If you decide to draw a dolphin, this is not necessarily to finish art school or engage in a professional educator.Suffice it to learn the basic rules of composition and construction.It is necessary to create any solid image, and it will help you understand how to draw a dolphin.

Regardless of the style and technique, in which you will work, we must first mark sheet to imagine that you are and how to portray.Draw a dolphin can, of course, no background, but his position on the sheet is still to be determined in advance.Otherwise you risk to find that your pet does not fit on the paper, or "leaves" to the side.Then you have to redo everything.Therefore it is better initially to spend a couple of minutes on preliminary arrangement of the sheet.

Once you have made the layout, you can proceed directly to the outline of a dolphin.To start envisage elementary form.In the case of the dolphin this will drop, which will be the widest part of his head, and narrow - tail.

Then add fins.Dolphins have the dorsal, tail and two pectoral fins.In the image, you can modify them to match the general style of the drawing.

Then dorisovyvat our dolphin "beak", eyes and breathing hole.You can give him face cartoon or realistic.This figure may be over, but it can be and to supplement.

If you are thinking about how to draw a dolphin pencil, you can offer several different variants.You can use the line drawing, which will be nothing other than the contour of the animal.It is possible to give it to volume with hatching denser shadows in places and more sparse in the light.You can also cover it with any ornament or even turn into a decorative work.In any of these cases, it is necessary to go from the general to the particular, and made for the parts only at the end of the form.

You can also create your dolphin background.And it does not even possible, but necessary!This will give the drawing organic and fullness.It must how to work a fantasy - whether it is the depth of the sea, the sky at sunset, the water park with its visitors, circus arena ... You can come up with some sort of own world, permitting imagination.After all, no matter how authentic your drawing, the main thing - it's nice to see him if you (or those for whom you created it).It is important that you invest in it.

If you're working in color, then in any case should not be limited to the commonplace gray-blue tones!It destroys the stereotypical image of the liveliness of the picture and makes it boring.Do not be afraid to add color!Dolphin is not hurt, believe me.But to revive the image of perception.

We hope that now you have an idea of ​​how to draw a dolphin in stages.Practice!And do not be afraid to fail (and they will!).Without them I did not pass even a single artist.The most important figure - the courage and practice.Therefore, the more you work on yourself, the better are your creations.And this applies not only to draw the dolphins, but also of creativity in general.We can only wish you good luck!