Why set up a "Greenpeace".

What is "Green Peace"?This is a political entity or professional association?Why is the popularity of this organization?What created "Green Peace"?These issues were and remain relevant.There is a version that the work of activists of the organization - and at one of the key factors in the development of the modern world.In contrast to this view it is believed that this structure - the only bastion of quite ordinary civil initiatives are not able to exert a major impact on world politics and issues of a global nature.The difference of opinion makes the study of the activities of the environmental organization is particularly fascinating.

History and key facts

international organization "Greenpeace" (eng. Greenpeace, «Green World") was established in 1971.There is a version that it is connected with the institution held in September of that year environmental action directed against nuclear weapons testing.A group of enthusiasts led by entrepreneur David Taggart, organized a protest against the US government.Over the years, the organization "Greenpeace" has grown from a small group of environmentalists to one of the most influential organizations in the world.

Main methods "Greenpeace" - action, protest actions.Conducting public interest resonant demonstrations, rallies that can draw attention to the urgent environmental problems and specific projects that can harm the environment.The organization is funded by voluntary contributions from supporters and associates, that is, ordinary citizens.The supreme governing body of the "Greenpeace" - International Council, which consists of the management offices located around the world.The Russian branch of the organization was created in 1992 and still works.So, what is created "Greenpeace" in Russian?

activities "Greenpeace" in Russian

first contacts "Greenpeace" to our country took place in the Soviet period.Office of the USSR opened after a fairly lengthy approvals in 1989.She became the first country, international organization related to environmental issues.After the collapse of the Soviet Union office "Greenpeace" was reorganized and began to work with the new political regime in 1992.First, the organization had only a representative office in Moscow in 2001. The unit was opened in St. Petersburg.In "Greenpeace" Russia employs about 70 people.

main issues dealt with in the framework of the Russian Federation - reducing environmental pollution by chemicals, the protection of the Arctic from the cost of industrial development, tracking the status of nature reserves, forests, the development of alternative energy companies in Russia.The organization regularly publishes reports on the state of the environment in various Russian regions and sectors of the economy.

Resonance precedents in Russia

large number of well-known precedent relating to the work of "Greenpeace" in Russia account for 90 years.One example is a special investigation carried out by the organization in the Far East that forced the Russian structures related to the nuclear industry, to recognize the facts emission of radioactive waste into the sea.

In 1995, the UNESCO World Heritage List has been included in the first object of Russia - the virgin forests in the Komi Republic.In 1996, activists of the "Greenpeace" win the case in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, resulting in canceled Decree of the President for permission to carts spent fuel for nuclear power plants.In 1999, the organization lobbied the Moscow City Duma, municipal law "On protection of green spaces" - Russia's first act of this direction.

Notable projects "Greenpeace" in Russian

great attention "Greenpeace" Russia pays to forest conservation and restoration.This work includes the development of legislative initiatives, conducting legal advice and interaction with public authorities in the field of forestry.In 2002, a project was launched "Restore our forests."As part of a global environmental organization and pupils restore forests in different regions of Russia.The project brought together several hundred educational institutions, planted tens of thousands of seedlings."Greenpeace" promotes the so-called selective garbage collection and recycling.The organization was able to implement this ecological method in Saint Petersburg.In 2007-2008, the activists of the "Greenpeace" Russia raised the problems associated with the negative impact of the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi.

incident on the platform of "Gazpromneft»

One of the most resonant shares "Greenpeace" in Russia was held in September 2013.Several activists made their way to the oil platform "Prirazlomnaya" in the Pechora Sea, swam to the project on their own vessel Arctic Sunrise.All of them were arrested by the Coast Guard.According to the activists themselves, the ship organization "Greenpeace", an emblem which was well visible on board, was released in the Pechora Sea with the aim of the peaceful nature of the action aimed to protest against oil production in the Arctic by "Gazpromneft", which owned the platform.Soon enough, the incident said the Russian president, said that the detainees, apparently, are not pirates.For several months the activists of "Greenpeace" were arrested and held in jail in the Murmansk region.Ultimately, however compelling the charges brought against them were not.In November, the defendants in the case was released on bail, and in December with them were acquitted.All the activists who have foreign citizenship, were able to go home.

Resonance precedents in the world

That what is created, "Greenpeace" - a part in solving environmental problems around the world.The activists, following the tasks assigned to them, spend very demonstrative actions.One of those - a protest against the British oil company Shell, refused to sink one of the production platforms, which was great, according to the "Greenpeace", the amount of toxic substances.The activists made their way to the platform and expressed their protest by tying themselves to the elements of the structure.

arose resonance, there was a reaction in the media - quotes Shell fell.Manual oil company had yet to make a decision about the sinking of the platform.In 2011, activists of the "Greenpeace" infiltrated one of Australia's farm, where genetically modified wheat, and destroyed the entire crop.During one of the air shows in France, activists held a protest against air pollution car exhaust fumes, chained themselves to the cars of famous brands right next to the main exhibition facilities at the Porte de Versailles.

«Greenpeace" - against nuclear energy

One of the theses advocated by the Russian office of "Greenpeace" - is useless and dangerous production of electricity in nuclear power plants.Activists believe that nuclear power is economically inefficient, that they should be replaced by other energy sources.This point of view there are many objections.There is an opinion that alternative energy is much more expensive and even more unprofitable in comparison with production at the plant.Signs of economic inefficiency of nuclear energy can be related, for example, difficulties in transition economies - as happened, for example, in Russia, going through a difficult time after the restructuring.

«Greenpeace" against GMOs

The activists believe that genetically modified food is extremely harmful to humans and to the environment.Therefore, they must be marked in the sale - to show the existence of GMOs in food items clearly.Critics of this thesis, first of all, pay attention to the fact of absence of proof of a clear harm genetically modified foods, and secondly indicate that "Greenpeace" too selective in this matter.In 2004, for example, the organization formed a black list of manufacturers of foodstuffs.There were companies that for one reason or another have not provided the necessary documents ecological structure.But it turned out that no request activists and did not do.In the black list, as noted by experts, it was not big business, which could give rise to talk about the informal cooperation between them and the "Greenpeace".

positive evaluation of the "Greenpeace»

is believed that the "Greenpeace", despite a possible shocking and sometimes rebellious methods of shares, plays a positive role in addressing pressing environmental issues.Sami activists often say that their shares only convey to people the correct information."Greenpeace" is believed to be people belonging to this structure with piety, is able to influence both ordinary citizens and the officials.

The organization has a staff of competent lawyers able to communicate effectively with the public managers in terms of laws and regulations.One of the key problems of the modern world, according to the activists of "Greenpeace" and their supporters - it's a waste.Man takes on the nature of a lot more than on the basis of objective fact, he needs wastes resources without considering the consequences.And all this - for the sake of momentary profit or pleasure.

Criticism Greenpeace

activities "Greenpeace" is regularly criticized, and with a variety of parties.In particular, the work of the organization are dissatisfied by some scholars, including environmentalists.In their view, the work of "Greenpeace" Nature brings more harm than substantial benefit.Some environmentalists believe that the application of the organization about the dangers of genetically modified plants are biased.

There is also a view that the action "Greenpeace" against specific companies can be funded by their competitors.There is a version that activists often act with political overtones.But despite the abundance of critics, supporters and staff "Greenpeace" expressed insolvency claims.There are different kind of criticism.According to some environmentalists, who set up especially radical, "Greenpeace" uses too soft methods of influence on the public.

Effect "Greenpeace" on the world of business and politics

opinions of experts and ordinary people on the impact of "Greenpeace" on the global political and economic processes diverge.There is a thesis that the organization and its activists - a tool in the hands of business.So, what is created "Greenpeace" - a battle of big companies with competitors.Those who do not agree with this view emphasize that the real precedents directly speaking about cooperation "Greenpeace" and business structures there.For example, conducting protests in the Arctic, the organization stresses that lead the development here is undesirable not only "Gazpromneft", but any other company, in any case, harmed the environment.

«Greenpeace" was opposed to any attempt to start drilling in the Arctic, including those held by foreign companies - Shell, Exxon Mobile, Statoil.There is a version that the activists of the "Greenpeace" defend the political interests of certain states.Opponents of this view point out that the organization of offices scattered around the world, eliminating the formation of any coalition.In addition, there is the fact of financial independence "Greenpeace".