Bodybuilding: How to gain weight

Modern bodybuilding is based on techniques of muscle building.To reach people of different body shapes necessary correction of the body they have to follow a system of individual exercises.Full of young people achieve the cherished "squares" abdominals, getting rid of excess fat.Lean interested in how to gain weight.A legitimate training mode not only improves the body, but also heals the body.Bodybuilding promotes men's health: Science has proven that exercise with weights stimulates the production of testosterone.The special microclimate surrounding the gym and people who are working hard, developing strength and endurance, become familiar and welcome.

«And yet, how to gain weight?" - You ask, implying, of course, the growth of muscles.Desired complex will help you choose the coach in the gym where you go.Take the time to devote 5-6 hours per week for this grateful occupation.Do not feel sorry for yourself.Try to implement all the recommendations.Organize three-day training cycle.Each workout should include "their" basic exercise.Let this be a kind of "triptych": the bench press on a flat bench, deadlift, squat.Basic exercises - is the foundation without which it is impossible to build up their strength.The best method of stimulation of the muscle fibers - intensive training.It is advisable to repeat the exercise in one go 8-12 times.Key recommendations on how to collect a lot of hands, and any other muscles, are as follows: The last exercise in the latter approach must be performed at full capacity.Expected experienced bodybuilders in each exercise the "moment of impotence" provides muscle growth.Experienced athletes appreciate most here is the "moment of truth".If the body builder can execute exercise more than 12 times, it is necessary to increase the weight by 5%.

Work should be wisely, knowing your body, taking into account both factors muscle development: stimulation of the muscle fibers and overcompensation.Experienced athletes do not recommend to include a range of more than 15 exercises.Movement at a rapid pace advised to apply only at the beginning and end of the session.Be creative.Imagine the desired result, focus attention on the working muscles.Plan your physical progress of development in stages.Use by fear.

happens that a novice bodybuilder says: "I want to gain weight!" At the same time, causes the opposite effect: overworked your body intensive training, sports nutrition neglect.Also, he should remember: the more difficult the exercise, the shorter it should be.

Concluding, we note that the high-quality restoration requires proper rest and nutrition.Answering the question of "how to gain weight," pay attention to the fact that the important point is the break between training sessions lasting 48 hours.Ask for help to the coaches, they help to achieve the proper dynamics.