Legal status

legal status of any person - a complex public-law institution, which consists of rights, duties and freedoms.The legal status of each individual is extremely important because it reflects how its position in the interaction with the state or society.

The legal status of the individual

Probably no one would argue with the fact that the foundation of all freedoms and rights of the individual - this is the norm of the current Constitution.In 1993, our country was first legislated idea as to what people's rights are inalienable and natural.The 1993 Constitution is really cemented the legal status of persons, which was so necessary.

constitutional rights and freedoms - the most important for human beings.They reveal the natural state of freedom.Not surprisingly, they secured the supreme legal force.

can say that many of the constitutional rights of the people are directed against the state, although it is sanctioned by him.The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinalienable human rights is a purely constitutional.They - it is a powerful deterrent to the state within certain limits.The legal status of the person must be respected and protected.Its violation will result in a violation of all existing legal framework of the country.

doctrine of the freedom of the individual is very important.Awareness of the state and society as a whole that the respect and proper handling worthy of everyone brings something, and another to the fore.Without this search some higher ideals is simply impossible.

How is the legal status of a person?It is important not only what is established by the Constitution.Agree, the legal status of the lawyer and the deputy - it's not the same thing.

All of us from birth have a lot of rights.It is about the right to life, to liberty, to receive a decent education and so on.

ability to have the rights - it is nothing like standing.We all have it, largely thanks to rules that have been spelled out in the Constitution.

Besides capacity and allocate more capacity.The combination of both is called personality.

What is the capacity?It is understood as an opportunity to not have the right and opportunity to purchase them in the same way as any obligations.From birth it is zero, but over time its volume increases.According to the existing laws of the country in full capacity comes only from eighteen years.However, adolescents with fourteen already able to perform any petty domestic transactions.

Even an adult may be considered incapable.Note that recognize it as such can only court rather than someone else the other.

has duties that are derived not only from the contracts concluded by him and his ability often determines the legal status of it.What does it depend on?In fact, a lot of things.Consider, for example, the legal status of judges.Judge - the person is inviolable, it can not be removed from office, he is not accountable to anyone for the order made by the procedural decision.It was his legal status determines its position that it occupies in society.

We all carry some sort of a role in the state in which we live.Yes, our legal status is different, but that nothing serious, as they often depend exactly on how we see ourselves in this world.Whoever wants to change something, sooner or later it will change at least in some measure.Most people are too inert, and in general is not interested in what the legal position are they or their relatives.The legal status change is not easy, but still quite real.