What's the most absurd death in history?

All men are mortal, and every death comes at the appointed hour of destiny.No one can anticipate the time of his death.Sometimes it comes on suddenly, and there are times when a terminally ill man during long waits for his departure, asking the Almighty to quickly take him into his heaven.However, the most offensive are ridiculous, absurd death when death comes as a result of a confluence of circumstances that may sometimes cause no regrets, and an involuntary smile, or bewilderment.We present our list of the most ridiculous deaths.This causes so commonplace that after learning about them, we are simply puzzled shrug.For example, death can occur from excessive laughter and emotions during on-line games, sewerage and so on. D.

10 most ridiculous deaths

  1. John Kendrick in 1794 was hit by a nucleus cannon during a salute in hishonor.
  2. In 1923, Mansfield died in March when it unsuccessfully lighted match fell on the dress, it quickly ignited and burned in March in their own dress.
  3. Despite the fact that there is a perception that laughter prolongs life, merry Mitchell laughed so loud at a joke in a comedy series, died of a heart attack.
  4. Perhaps Langley Kollayr not know that from the trash should not expect anything good.For many years he collected discarded items in the trash, old newspapers and magazines.In 1947, he stumbled in his apartment, grabbed something sticking out of a pile of rubbish and years of debris fell on his head.He lay down by piles of newspapers and magazines, and was unable to free himself from under them.
  5. many children the parents go on about the dangers of computer games, but they do not believe them, but young, healthy guys, Jeff Dailey and Peter Bukowski died of slot machines after the record achieved in the game Berserk.
  6. Tennessee Williams died after swallowing the cap from the bottle, when he wanted to drink water straight from the bottle.Here's another example of an uncultured act.
  7. Hrand Arakelyan - the driver collector car was crushed by a 10-kilogram boxes of quarters when slammed on the brakes and the box fell on him.
  8. Once in South America, a tourist from the United States was in the midst of bee swarms, and to be saved from the bites, he jumped into the river, where were carried out the bloodthirsty piranhas, which became the cause of his death.
  9. Young gymnast at a party on the occasion of her birthday, began to jump on the sofa by the open window, and so became a passion that flew through the window and fell from the height of the sixth floor.
  10. However, the most ridiculous death - this case, which occurred with a resident of the German city of Bonn, Peter Gruber.Once he entered the Art Museum, the purpose of robbery.However, the noise of the guards came running, and he had to flee.Turning the corner, he came upon a sword is in the hands of one of the exhibits, which pierced his death.By the way, this sword called "weapons of justice."

other accidents that can rightly lead the ranking, referred to as "the most ridiculous death" - "unintentional" killing of three starving Sudanese accomplishments during the charity event.Belgian pilots, driving up humanitarian assistance in Sudan, began dropping crates of cargo in the designated place, but there were three natives, which was not visible from the height of the aircraft, and they are, unfortunately, had been crushed humanitarian aid, which was supposed to save them from starvationdeath.

most absurd death 2013

incident that occurred with 23-year-old Chinese woman last year, can be called the most absurd accident fatalities.At this time, the cause of her death was the most common iPhone.She died of shock when answering a call.Smartphone at that time stood on the charge.According to experts, it is not just the most ridiculous death, but also the most urgent, so do not neglect the warning that in any case it is not necessary to use the phone while it is connected to the Charging unit.


Of course, many of these cases would be just fun, if not fatal.Therefore, in order to avoid accidents to people just need to be a little more attentive and discreet.