Salt and vinegar against the weeds: a recipe proportion reviews

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There is no garden, which would not grow weeds.To deal with them is quite difficult, and it is time-consuming and tedious process.Weeds are omnipresent and perfectly adapt to any conditions.If time does not get rid of them, they occupy the entire garden.It is believed that the weeding - the most effective method of weed control, but it is not so.Not only that, it is hard work, time-consuming, so still and there is no guarantee that you will get rid of them for good, especially for perennial weeds.

Nevertheless, experienced gardeners have successfully used innovative ways to deal with these pesky invaders, has long refused thus from dangerous chemicals.

vinegar as a herbicide

Vinegar against weeds is one of the most effective means, and safe for humans, pets, livestock, crop and soil.It kills almost any weed.By the way, with the help of it you can get rid of the ants.If dilute to 40% vinegar in half with water and spray the places where the insects, the smell quickly scare them and make them disappear.

However, be aware that vinegar could destroy not only the weeds, and crop plants, which will fall.Therefore, for best effect needed to improve its methods of use.

application methods is best to use a vinegar solution or a pump dispenser bottle with spray nozzle.Especially this method is good for weed control, occupying a large area: in the tracks, platforms, or that part of the garden, where sparsely growing vegetables and herbs.

Use vinegar against weeds should be a windless sunny day.The lack of wind did not give an opportunity to get a solution to the useful plants, the sun and further intensify its action.If you want to selectively apply vinegar on the weeds, it is better to do it with a brush dipped in a solution.It should be abundantly

spray solution to the leaves and stems were soaked in it.A couple of days after that will see the result.Sometimes, especially persistent weeds need repeated treatment.

Note that vinegar against weeds is desirable to use before they begin to form seeds.Well do it early in the spring when they first appear.Perennial weeds better handle the fall.Because at this time due to the natural cycle of plants absorbed the batteries through the leaves, vinegar, hitting them, penetrates deep into the body weed reaches the roots and destroy them completely.

Eco destruction: Recipes with vinegar

Even those plants that can not be exposed to chemicals can be destroyed using vinegar against weeds.The recipe is as follows: 40% solution in equal parts is diluted with water and sprayed weeds means obtained.

There are a few recipes that long ago took up the experienced gardeners:

  • In 2 liters of water diluted with 5 cups of vinegar (6%).Such amount is usually enough to handle two hundred.Just try not to get to the crop plants, and then they will be burned.
  • Mix 3 parts vinegar (9%) and 1 part lemon juice.The resulting mixture was poured into a spray bottle and gently sprayed her weeds.

When needed more pungent the mixture, vinegar and salt are used against weeds.

Lethal mixture

When added to a solution of vinegar and even table salt, obtained a truly explosive mixture, which does not leave the weeds no chance of survival.With it you can permanently get rid of weeds near the fence, as well as clean of weeds all tracks.It is also a very effective way to deal with perennials able to grow constantly.

How to use vinegar and salt against weeds?The proportions of the mixture are: water (1 liter), vinegar (5 tablespoons. Tablespoons), salt (2 tbsp. Spoons).The water was brought to a boil, and then put back the vinegar and salt, stir well and the hot solution is poured onto weeds.Only this should be done very carefully so that the liquid does not hit the neighboring plants.

By the way, the salt can be used without vinegar.If you sprinkle it on the bed, stepping back a little space from the roots of planted crops, it would not only destroy the weeds, but, after watering seep into the upper soil layers, will not sprout new.

herbicidal soap

They need to spray weeds, useful plants covering screen of thick paper.Moreover, more effective mix acts on a hot sunny day.

To prepare the herbicidal soap, vinegar and salt will be required (against weeds they are perfectly proven) and, in fact, soap (liquid).

composition of the mixture as follows: white vinegar (1 liter), salt (150 g) and one syringe of liquid soap.Salt is poured into the bottle, pour the vinegar and add the liquid soap.The solution was then thoroughly shaken and poured over the weeds, trying to keep the composition does not flow under the crop plants.

"killed" a mixture obtained by using 15-20% vinegar.

Soda - summer resident assistant

Any housewife knows how much soda is useful in everyday life.But few know that the garden and the garden is also necessary soda.Vinegar against weeds already proved its effectiveness.Let's now talk about the baking soda.

To get rid of small weeds that grow between the tiles tracks enough water them a strong soda solution.

but sodium bicarbonate is effective not only for the control of weeds.Each summer visitor familiar with this plant diseases like mildew.Those who have tried a variety of chemical treatments, will be pleased to know that soda copes with this scourge.Here are two proven recipe:

  • Take 5 liters of water, dissolve them in 2 tbsp.baking soda and 1 tbsp.spoon liquid soap.The resulting solution should be sprayed before the flowering plants, and after him, following a week-long interval, process 3 more times.
  • Pour into a spray bottle the following mixture: water (1 L) and take the 1 st.spoon soda, vegetable oil and liquid soap.Shake well, spray the composition of this plant once a week, trying to do it in a dry, cloudy weather.

Reviews gardeners

There are now many different gardening forums where fans grow fruits and vegetables on their plots share tips and share personal experiences.Do not remain without attention and discussion threads about salt and vinegar against weeds.Reviews, one and all, very positive.Moreover, such a method of struggle is now even inclined the most zealous fans of use of chemicals.In addition, gardeners do not cease to experiment using known recipes, add them their innovations will improve, making it more effective.

Those who tried the above methods of weed control, claiming that their chances of survival are very low.A powerful arsenal of tools allows you to get rid of weeds, if not forever, then for a long time.Ogorodnikov glad that this fight can be used simple tools available.

In conclusion

Ecological herbicides are able to effectively control weeds without causing harm to humans and crops.Vinegar is very effective against weeds, it will help get rid of them, and will make it possible to maintain in perfect condition the beds that will greatly enhance the productivity of vegetables.