How to choose the Sound Club?

This question arises before any budding klabmeykerom where to find the right professional equipment and most importantly how it should be light and sound, so that visitors really enjoy the performance of your institution.
choosing the sound equipment of the club, of course, give preference to European producers.The quality of Chinese equipment, still leaves much to be desired, which would not go rumors that China is ahead of the rest!especially this statement relate to audio equipment and to a lesser extent to the light.
Audio Equipment Club depends on the shape and acoustic preparation of the room, what form has a living room, ceiling height and walls.You can put the most expensive set of sound, but without taking into account all these factors, in fact, the money will be wasted, and visitors are unlikely to return to you.No less important is the factor of the thematic focus of your institution.If you jazz cafes, there is no need to purchase a large amount of low-frequency subwoofers that produce sound pressure, as in the case of hard rock cafe for example.

lighting equipment was originally set to be agreed with your lighting designer, because it is it to work with this equipment.It all depends on your imagination and the budget itself.Today the market every day more and more gaining momentum LED technology (hardware LED), which is characterized, first of all its efficiency and long service life of up to 50 thousand hours.The price for similar instruments on the gas discharge lamps are usually higher than the price of the device on the LED.
Still, try to answer the question, where to buy professional equipment for the club?The answer will seem quite simple and trivial - entrust their project to professionals!
Company "Art Complex" is a team of young professionals with vast experience equip clubs and theaters are familiar with all the major players in the market, perfectly understand the peculiarities of the equipment and of course always aware of all new products.We consult, design and construct the offer, arrange a quick delivery of the equipment in your city.You and your customers will be satisfied!