Why Tours in Tel Aviv enjoys continued popularity?

trip to Israel may pursue different objectives: to undergo treatment, visit historic sites, make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land or simply relax.Depending on this route you should be selected.Rest

best on the Mediterranean resorts of the country.Especially popular are trips to Tel Aviv with its extensive beaches, comfortable hotels of different "star", luxury boutiques and numerous caf├ęs and restaurants serving seafood.Periodically, the local restaurants are held in the evening of the national cuisine, which, sometimes, even the products to be ordered from the country where meals will be served to visitors as well as invited artists have in the repertoire of appropriate songs and dances to participate in the entertainment program.

Tel Aviv rightly bears the title of the cultural capital of the state.Only concert halls there are several dozen, not to mention the theaters, museums and galleries.As a rule, all last minute Tel Aviv include mandatory attendance performances Chamber Theater "Habima" and "Gesher" which allow to feel the national color of this young country with an ancient history.

Primorsky Boulevard in Tel Aviv stretches from the northern part to Jaffa (Yafo), which is included in the list of world heritage, as one of the oldest cities on the planet, because of the assumption of archaeologists people settled here about four thousand years ago.Now this ancient settlement, just as Chersonesos became part of a relatively young Sebastopol, is considered one of the Tel Aviv area.During a walk through the streets of his old stonework, the twisted arch reminiscent of past times.And local streets deserve special attention, some of them - a ladder, crossing one another, merge into one, abutting intricately decorated doors or blank walls.Walking through its steps, you are sure to exit Constellation Road - one of the most popular tourist corners of Old Jaffa.

is worth visiting the park "Mini Israel".On five acres of land collected about three hundred and fifty models of famous landmarks of Israel, as well as miniatures of modern buildings, theaters, stadiums.All of them are handmade by local craftsmen.There is constantly a variety of events and exhibitions are organized, making the park a favorite vacation spot of locals and visitors.