Details on how to increase the cache size in the browser

Today we talk about how to increase the cache size in your browser.In fact, this procedure is very important.If the cache size is sufficient, you can view the video in high quality even if the speed of the Internet is relatively low.Also, a similar process can be useful for those users who spend a lot of time for online games.If you notice that the videos are played with lockups, in this case the solution of this issue will be very important.


So, let's move on to the question of how to increase the cache in the browser, because few users are now familiar with the features of this process.

The first method will be given to older versions of browser "Opera", from the fifteenth version that runs on a special platform Chromium.Instructions will be described below, which we recommend you read carefully.To begin to move to your browser settings, and then we get to the general parameters (also, if desired, can be called by pressing the keys Ctrl + F12).Increase the amount of cache in the browser described manner, as the other options are not currently exist.

limit value

If you done correctly, in such a case should open a new window with the settings of the browser.Next you need to go to the tab "Advanced" where select the item "History".It has several options, but in the "Disk Cache" you should select the maximum value that can be set.It is 400 MB.

We have practical answers to the question of how to increase the cache size in the browser, but that's not all.We recommend that you set the mark against the menu "Empty on exit".In this case, when you leave the browser cache will be automatically cleared.Thus, your operating system will increase productivity.

new start

After all the settings are set, you definitely need to click OK, then it is recommended to restart the browser.The general location for the cache will be increased and, consequently, the performance of the browser will also increase.Now you can watch movies without delay.

Personal settings

Sometimes Member raises the question of how to increase the cache size in the browser more than 400 MB.In fact, the solution to this problem is also very simple.In order to increase the maximum the bar, you should go to the address «opera: config» (without the quotes it should enter in the address bar).

Next is to open the editor with the power settings of various parameters.You will see a number of different sections, but your task is to find a special item Disk Cache.After the transition to this section must be down to the bottom.It has a field named Size, where you can specify any valid value brand that is converted into kilobytes.

For example, if you have a desire to expand the cache of up to one gigabyte, then enter in this field the value of 1000000. With this there should be no difficulties.Once the settings are exposed, do not forget to click on the "Save" button, otherwise your settings will not take effect and, accordingly, have to re-install them.

Now you know exactly how to increase the cache size in the browser, and if you carefully study the instructions above, there should not be any problems.That's all the tips that we would like to share in this article.