How to make estimates for the construction work?

Development of design and estimate documentation - an integral and very important part of the construction of civil or industrial use, renovation of buildings, carrying out their capital or current decoration.Compiling estimates for construction work, receive data (the results of economic calculations) to assess the feasibility of the project and accurately determine the necessary costs of its implementation.

estimate work in construction

value professional activity smetoobrazovaniya overemphasized.Formed of a package of documents is an effective tool for monitoring and planning.It gives you the opportunity to find out the size of the required capital investment, finance, maintain records and accounting, analyze the results of execution.

Most estimates - calculations performed for the construction of institutional and residential buildings.In this sample estimates for construction works for individuals and public offices is different.If the first priority for the costs of salaries to workers and costing commercial value stroymateralov, then to the second situation is somewhat different.They need strict compliance with state and federal rates, the correct application in the calculation of sectoral and regional factors.

types of construction estimates

pricing practice is to classify estimates:

  • at the construction stage - in fact, the executive tender, conceptual;
  • produced by types of works - finishing, repair, construction, etc .;
  • the components of the calculation of the (separate and complete separately) - a summary, or a local object.

Methods of calculating estimates for the repair work can be calculated in different ways.Briefly explain what they are.

  1. the basal-index - the estimated cost, determined on the basis of the existing regional unit prices translated by indexing into the current level of prices (index allocation for the subjects of the Russian Federation established RTSTSS - regional centers for pricing in construction - quarterly or monthly).
  2. Resource - cost estimates for construction work involves the implementation of this method of calculation based on the actual current rates, current prices and prices for labor, technical, material and other resources (lack of method in its labor intensity and complexity of the study).
  3. Resource-index - used at the same time as the instruments of resource, so the index method.
  4. the basal-compensation - cost benchmarks, formed at the start of construction, adjusted, starting from the actual additional costs connected with the change of tariffs and prices.
  5. counterpart - to determine the amount of costs, use database (the sample estimates for construction work on the construction of a similar structure or building).

scheme, or key components

Regardless of the method of calculation that is used to form estimates for construction work, it is necessary to conduct a calculation:

  • direct costs, including the cost of products and materials that will be used, andand investments related to the acquisition, rental and maintenance of the necessary mechanisms and machines, the payment of salaries to workers (taken into account the existing tariff rates, territorial and federal rates, the established norms of consumption of construction materials);
  • overhead going to provide organizational and management of the construction, as well as a limited type or limited type of costs (loan payments, voluntary or compulsory insurance, and others);
  • planned savings (estimated income) funds that are intended for material incentives and development of material-technical base of the contractor.

Local estimates for the construction work: what it is, what parts of it include?

local estimates are called basic primary documents, which are prepared on a separate kinds of expenses and activities (construction of the foundation, walls, staircases, etc.), The main structural components and engineering equipment for a particular object of the construction project, renovation or repair.Taking into account only the direct costs.

estimated cost calculation carried out, building on the work specified in the project documentation volumes.In other words, we can say that the local cost estimates for construction work - a statement in which reduced grouped by sections of unit prices.It filled the field in the column reserved for the codes and ciphers resource prices, descriptions of types of construction works and costs required for their production, as well as the measurement parameters and the number of such units.Then put down the price, conversion factors and correction.After corresponding calculation, obtained a final cost of each item.

How to determine the types and extent of repairs to budgeting?

Exact calculations are needed not only in the construction of new buildings.To proceed to the formation of estimates of capital and current or refurbishment, specialist price calculation does not always need to personally inspect the object.The estimate for repair and construction works may be calculated based on the damage report containing precise data about what the flaws are revealed, what should be done and in what amounts.

Why conduct an examination of the estimates?

detail costed estimates allows the customer to avoid possible misunderstandings with the general contractor and exclude additional unspecified costs.The reliability calculations the cost of construction depends on its planning and capital efficiency.

Expertise estimates to determine whether all the work and materials take into account the price calculation is not allowed any deviation from pricing, standards and other basic criteria established by law, whether there is under- or over-pricing.

How to make estimates for construction work, avoiding mistakes?

With the construction of large industrial and residential purpose correctly determine their estimated cost is not so simple.Prices of equipment, tools, materials needed for construction have changed over time.Also, do not forget about the risks of force majeure.

quality and accuracy of the calculation of the estimate determined by various parameters.The most important of them is always a professional engineer quantity surveyor who can take into account all the nuances.This, first of all, a question of the correct application of the index allocation and various correlation coefficients (at higher prices, inflation and so on.), Selecting the right territorial unit prices (error in the choice of the name of the form of construction work could lead to a significant change in the value specified in the budget documentation).

great assistant to quickly generate estimates for construction works - automation program payments ("GRAND estimates»,, «Story-info" and others).However, simplifying the process, they do not eliminate the need to have a deep knowledge and experience.