The smell of skill.

When Italian Gianni Rodari invented his poem "The smell craft? ', All occupations for the population of the Soviet Union were equal.Not for nothing is this verse in the Union has become the embodiment of human-worker with no smell of perfume, and carpenter's glue, gasoline, medicines, motor oil or baking.After all, if it promoted the cult of the workers specialties!

to write about Gianni Rodari?

gained popularity as a writer was in the Soviet Union, George. Rodari published many interesting tales and children's stories.And most of them sings the labor of the working man.How could have a pleasant smell of an actress or a movie star?Is Engineer smells?Perhaps the pilot has a pleasant fragrance?According to the ideology of communism, only persons working profession has the right to be meaningful.Of course, the writer sincerely trust these principles.The popular nursery rhyme J.. Rodari "The smell Crafts" in our changed reality somewhat lost its ideological orientation, but the smells of working professions have remained virtually the same:

  • glazier smells putty;
  • doctor - medicine;
  • fisherman smelled a slave;
  • carpenter gives the smell of chips;
  • businessman has the smell of expensive cologne;
  • business woman smell French perfume;
  • money, as the truth is known, does not smell.

it possible to choose a profession on its accompanying smell

choosing professional occupation, is to get acquainted with the smells that accompany a particular case.After all, in the poem "The smell Crafts" clearly states that each profession has a smell.It may be that, despite the obvious progress in, a particular scent can cause unpleasant emotions, which in turn can affect mood and performance.So, some of the features of professions related to odors:

  • If people like scents of spices, it can become a good cook.
  • I like fruity and floral aromas?Such an individual likes to be the center of attention, you can try yourself as a public speaker man (actor, lecturer, teacher).
  • professionals working in areas related to human health, must adequately treat flavors of mint and anise.
  • If a child likes the smell of fresh newspapers and magazines, it is worth to try yourself in the role of editor.
  • smell of coffee will help a realtor in his complicated case.
  • Sport coach embodies the courage and excellent physical shape.Its flavor is pronounced citrus bouquet.

Some professions and odor

  • who compares what cat food tastes better?Taster food for pets, of course!All the subtleties of differences of taste and aroma of a new food that feels professional.When Dzh.Rodari wrote his poem "The smell craft" a profession did not exist.
  • Breeders deer-breeding farms, annually earning hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling hunting enthusiasts urine of their wards.Pheromones contained in the "product", are a great attraction.When it comes to big money, you can forget about the smell.
  • Every year an increasing number of roads in the world.Speeds of vehicles also increased.Accordingly, the number of downed animals on roads is also not reduced.Who monitors the cleanliness on the pavement?Not very prestigious, but reasonably well-paid jobs collector of dead animals poem "The smell craft" does not describe.

Pros "smelling" professions

Not every person can connect his life with a lot of pleasant or unpleasant odors when communicating with the smell becomes a daily obligation.The main "instrument" taster - nose -is very delicate instrument.Occupation taster spirits or wine taster requires a special approach to their health.Of course, now it is impossible to do without professions listed in the poem "The smell of craft."The verse was written in the time of an epidemic of socialism, where some concepts were turned according to the requirements of those years.You can change many things in the life of nations and continents.Only the properties of the human body are constant.With the right information, it is easier to choose a deal to their liking.

Communication with smells or poison can enrich a person's life.Each profession belongs to a particular flavor.If you do not like the smell of the profession may be, the corresponding payment compensates for this deficiency?