Why is not visible on a flash drive files, and how to fix it

Compact USB-drive, known to most users as a flash drive, today is the most common device for the storage and exchange of various data.Often there is a problem "on the stick can not see the files" can be quite disastrous.It is often transferred to the Flash USB Drive-unit important documents of a confidential nature, the unique photos and other types of valuable information can be unique.If you are faced with a similar problem the first time, do not panic.Chances are that the missing data is still there - on a flash drive.You just do not see them because they are hidden.To solve the problem of "invisibility", turn to the practical experience of experienced and discuss the main aspects of digital restoration.

two main reasons why the information has disappeared?

So, when you insert a USB-drive in your computer, you find that it is not visible on a flash drive files.In most cases it is the user is the culprit of such trouble.And most often it is a result of improper use Flash-device starts to operate in

a "magician."Of course, one can not discount a factory defect in the production of the product and the adverse accident metaphysical properties.However, the harsh reality shows that the cause of the problem can be either hardware or software.

on the stick can not see the files: how to solve the problem

The first thing to do - is to carry out a visual inspection of the object of our attention.Device may transfer information mechanically damaged.Once spilled cup of coffee could also be relevant to the disappearance of files.Make sure that the Flash-drive contacts are not oxidized.If your device has a signal LED - operation must be confirmed by the glow indicator.However, if the computer detects the connected device, then most likely, "hero of the festivities' program has roots that could undermine a malicious computer virus.However, such "tricks" you can expose as a result of the use of special software, but first ...

standard methods of dealing with an "invisible»

If the flash drive is not visible files, try the following:

  • Connect USB-device to thecomputer.
  • keystrokes «Win + R» Call window "Run".
  • Then uncheck enter «cmd».

  • In "Command Editor" list the «Attrib -h -r -s / to /dk:\*.*», where the Latin k should have a literal value of your removable media.
  • Press "Enter" and the hidden files again become apparent.

second Windows solution: Change the settings

It is quite possible that the folders and files that are on the flash drive, was given the attribute "hide".In this case, connected to a PC Flash-drive will be displayed blank.

  • Navigate to the "Control Panel".
  • Now go to the "Appearance and Personalization".
  • Block "Folder Options" link to activate "Show hidden files".
  • last element of the list must be activated.That is, select "Show hidden files, folders ..." should be noted marker.

If this method does not have the desired effect, and also can not see all the hidden files, try the below-described method.

Option Three: Check the parameters of one of the branches of the registry

a result of viral infection of malicious code can change the entries in the Windows system log OS.It is therefore necessary to ensure the integrity of the parameters involved.It should be noted that when working with the registry, you should be especially careful, because the wrong actions and incorrect changes can critically affect the full performance Windows-system.

  • Through the menu "Run" is necessary to open the Registry Editor.
  • Type «regedit».
  • Once open the utility from follow the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced \ Folder \ Hidden \ SHOWALL.
  • Record key «CheckedValue» (right-hand area of ​​the computer of the editor) must correspond to the value "1".
  • In the column "Type", except «REG_DWORD», nothing should be.

If the record does not match the specified pattern is likely that your PC is infected with a computer virus, which means that you need to check your system for "destructive code."

Intuitive question: "How to open files not visible?", And effective response to it

algorithm Action:

  • Download antivirus utility on your PC Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free.
  • Launch installed software.
  • scan all hard disk partitions PCs and USB-drive.
  • In the event of a "digital infection" remove the source of infection.

is worth noting that in some cases even after processing and storage area of ​​the hard drive flash drive antivirus software problem persists.As a result of destructive activity adversely code official OS files and even the structure of the disk can be changed.In such cases, the recovery process, as in the case of the system - a complete reinstallation of Windows, just can not be avoided.

How to recover lost data

As a rule, as a result of improper manipulation with the removable carrier for beginners there is a question: "Why is the flash drive does not see the files?" To allow this kind of difficulty, you must download and install on your PC a special program.Among the huge number of the most attractive of this software is a free utility for data recovery Recuva, about which you will learn from and located below the section, as well as learn the basic techniques of working with it.

Recuva - free "reinkarnator" data

So, what needs to be done?

  • Download the official website of the software product.
  • After installation run the utility.
  • Select the type of information sought.The most viable option - all files.
  • In the next window, select "on the memory card."
  • Once you confirm your choice, will start the scanning process.
  • In case the result turned out to be ineffective, go to the tab "Advanced Mode" in a special window.
  • Check all inactive items and re-start the process again.
  • thus found the files you want to restore.Press the corresponding button in the lower right corner of the program.
  • Select checkboxes opposite the found files.
  • After activating the button "Restore" your data are saved to the specified directory.

As you know, this program is as effective to cope with possible embarrassment when a memory card does not see the files.However, using Recuva can recover deleted data from virtually any type of media.Instead of an epilogue

So, you know, what should be done if the flash card can not see the files.Nevertheless, do not forget about basic operating rules, compliance with which ensures long-term performance storage:

  • not save information on a flash drive, not previously tested antivirus software.
  • Remember that disable USB-drive should be properly deactivating it via Windows-funds "Safely Remove Hardware".
  • Do not use the same USB flash drive in different systems.This is especially significant given the warning in relation to mobile storage devices (for example, SD-memory card).
  • Do not forget to copy data from USB-drive to the hard drive of your PC.
  • In some cases, to recover lost files with certain modifications of memory, you may need a specific specialized software.

I wish you all good and perfect working Flash-devices!