Indians - who are they?

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Because of its geographical location in India for many centuries was exposed to attacks of different tribes.Naturally, they all left their mark on the genetic diversity.It is due to the mixing of different races, people in India have a distinctive appearance and culture.First of all the tribes of the Aryans came here.They mingled with the Tibeto-Burman peoples penetrated into the territory of modern India because of the Himalayas.

These different people of India

What helped the Indians to maintain ethnic diversity?The answer is simple.It's all in the caste system.That is why the Indian streets, you can meet all kinds of people, even Caucasoid type.That is, the people of India ethnically heterogeneous.For example, representatives of the Aryan type of coffee different complexion.It is noteworthy that in the higher caste color is usually lighter.

native of India is usually different beautiful oval face, straight hair (less dense than that of the northern and central Europe) and a slightly bent nose.Their growth, as a rule, does not exceed 185 cm. In the example Darden is best to conclude that the physical data of the Aryan tribes.This simple-minded, open race with brown eyes and straight black hair.

What distinguishes native of India?

Like any nation, the Indians are not devoid of distinctive charm.Indians have a peculiar mental warehouse.Perhaps this is due to the ancient traditions, which are still strong in India, and perhaps to the fact that this territory for centuries been subjected to raids by various conquerors.Indians are emotional, but skillfully hide their feelings, they are sometimes too polite, are not reliable.Strengths of this race - hard work, openness, cleanliness, temperance, respect for science, benevolence.Indians are always able to create an atmosphere of easy communication, the other party can show that's fun.

Like inhabitants of ancient India, modern Indians live according to ancient scriptures - the Vedas.According to these texts, one must express their love and devotion to God through their everyday activities, not just through rituals.Even cleaning can be a means of service to someone from the gods that in India a huge amount.The worship they can be expressed in the work, and daily affairs, and education of children, and in dealing with other people.All classes must have a stage of self-improvement.

not call Indians Indians!

No less important is the question of how to call the inhabitants of India.Contrary to popular opinion, they need to call the Indians and not Indians.Hindus - are followers of Hinduism, the dominant religion in India.Do not confuse the Indians with the Indians.

Native North Americans mistakenly called Indians Columbus, because he thought that sailed to a distant and mysterious India.

civil rights movement in India

Indians - very active nation.In society today there are processes aimed at the abolition of the caste system, the advancement of women.All of this is closely connected with the reforms in the social sphere.They mainly relate to the advancement of women.The Indians are in favor of the legalization of civil marriage and for raising the age of marriage for both girls and boys.No less important issue - the expansion of educational opportunities for women, as well as the advancement of Indian widows.

As a result of these processes was introduced a few changes.Thus, the marriage age for girls was set at 14 years for boys - 18 years.If one of the spouses has not reached the age of 21, you need written parental consent.Also closely banned marriages and polygamy.But the advantages of this law, unfortunately, did not become public knowledge.The benefits it could use only a small part of the population of India.The fact is that even now common practice when formally girl marries at age 10.Of course, the immediate laying ceremony to a more mature bride - up to a maximum of 12-14 years.Such early marriage badly affect not only the mental and physical health of women, but also the well-being of Indian race as a whole.

position of widows in India

It is also the fact that if a married girl woman becomes a widow, you will not be able to marry.Moreover, it is the husband's family until the end of his days will be doomed to perform the hardest work, will not have to wear the new beautiful clothes.Also unhappy widow just gets worst food on the table, but must comply with multi-day fasting.In order to somehow improve the situation of widows in the community (including many children), it is necessary to ensure that remarriage is not considered something shameful and disgraceful.Currently, the widow re-marriage is possible only if it belongs to a lower caste.To make matters worse a woman whose husband was killed in Indian society alone can not earn their livelihood.

Indian education

should also mention the Indian system of education, as it is considered one of the largest in the world.Interestingly, in order to go to college, do not need to pass any exams.In addition to the conventional universities in India also has schools with certain characteristics, such as Women's Institute in Bombay.Despite the fact that the leaders in the field of education are considered technical specialties, the number of graduates of liberal arts colleges is about 40%.In fact, the technical professions play a very important role in the development of human resources and Industry of India.Since the education system is also linked to the question of how many residents of India.According to the latest data, about 1 million.

Classes Indians

main occupation of the inhabitants of India - traditional farming and animal husbandry.Many involved in the field of light and heavy industry, which is currently developing dynamically.Despite this, the majority of India's population lives below the poverty line almost.The fact that even relatively recently, this country was a British colony.Therefore, the colonial past can not affect the lives of Indians.

Religion: "Shiva without Shakti - Shava"

More than 80% of the population are Hindus - the most massive and ancient religion in Asia.It is not surprising that culture is closely associated with it.The main provisions of Hinduism, established in Article 6.BC.After that, the whole culture began to be built around this system.

Hinduism - religion is mythological.Notable is the fact that a member of the pantheon of the great variety of gods.But the most revered considered trinmurti - Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva.And if Vishnu - the guardian of the world, Brahma - the creator, the Shiva - the destroyer.But he is not just a destroyer, he is also the beginning of all things.The gods have a few hands as a symbol of their divine functions and always portrayed with his attributes.For example, Vishnu - the disc, Shiva - with a trident, Brahma - the Vedas.Besides Siva is always depicted with three eyes as a symbol of his wisdom.In parallel with the trinmurti revered and goddesses - "Shakti".It is not just a female deities.They perfectly complement the spouses, making them one.There is even a saying: "Shiva without Shakti - Shava (corpse)."The oldest in India, along with the worship of trinmurti is a cult animal.For example, for the murder of a Hindu unthinkable nor cow, nor the consumption of beef.Many animals are sacred in India.