Types wages

any person in order to survive, you need something to eat, something to put on, to take place at least for the night.For all this, of course, you have to pay, and therefore have some income.They may include the following: income from the business, the sale of property, winning the lottery.However, the main source of income for citizens in Russia is still the wage types which can differ depending on the object classification.

nominal and real wage

For the purposes of the economic theory of wages divided by the nominal and real.Rated - it directly funds paid to the employee for the performance of his professional duties.Real wages - is the amount of goods, products that people can buy at the money back.

nominal and real wage types are linked, as well as the level of prices.For example, if the value of nominal wages will increase by 15% and prices increased by eight per cent, the amount of real wages will rise by only 7%.On the other hand, if the same conditions, the prices will increase by 20%, real wages fell by 5%, despite the increase in the par.

Wages and its types depending on the form of payments

The form in which the payment of wages, distinguish her physical and monetary variations.

Natural wages issued in the form of food, clothing, household appliances and other items.The share in the total amount of its payment may not exceed twenty percent.Cash salary is issued, respectively, in the form of liquid assets: cash or by transfer to the card.

It should be borne in mind that monetary and natural forms of wages subject to PIT.

basic and additional salary

For companies it is important separation pay for work at primary and secondary.The first type of payments are charging directly for time worked or produced by the volume of production, as well as any additional charges for excess works.In other words, these are the payments that are directly related to the performance of their duties staff.Additional

same salary accrued during the time not directly related to the functions of the officials, but paid by applicable law.These include payment of nursing mothers work breaks, preferential watch teenagers engaged in performing public duties or public, holidays (including training), hospital, etc.

New types of wage

development of private business in Russia has led to the emergence of new kinds of wages, "white" and "black"."White" - that part of wages that the employer pays official from which are deducted social taxes, and personal income tax withheld from employees.Accordingly, the "black" - the money paid "envelope", or that the employee is paid informally, bypassing the various taxes.

reasons for this division is quite understandable: in this way the employer is seeking to get away from the extra cost and the employee - to raise their level of real wages.The benefit seems to be obvious for those and for others.In fact, for the employee, this situation is often unprofitable, because it leads to a loss in pension contributions, in addition, such an employee will be harder to get a loan or something to confirm their ability to pay in other cases.It should also be borne in mind that the separation of white and black types of wages is illegal.If the level is clearly too low wages the employer runs the risk of incurring the tax inspection and labor inspection, penalties.