Maintenance obligations of parents and children - one of the sections of family law

Maintenance obligations in family law provided for in applicable RF IC.At its core are the alimony money issued to disabled family members for their maintenance in force of existing kinship and blood relations.Mandatory payments (alimony) can be paid purely voluntary or through the courts.

emergence of the rights and responsibilities of the different spouses, including child support, provides the rules of family law from the moment of marriage in the registry office;rights and duties of parents, of their legitimate and adopted children - after identification of the fact of birth or adoption of a legally.

Maintenance obligations on the part of parents and their children are considered RF IC in Articles 80 number of № 88. So in the first part of chapter 13 in the paragraph "maintenance obligations of parents and children" first of all maintenance obligations are considered by parents againsttheir minor or disabled children.Parents with children are required by law to keep their majority.Moreover, the form and content of the order of their parents are selected individually.If parents do not fulfill their legal obligations, the guardianship through the courts may force parents to fulfill this duty in relation to their children.Alimony payments for the children can be held with one of the parents at the rate of one-fourth of its total income (from all types of income) per child.If in a family, two children, the amount of alimony deductions may not exceed one-third of the income of the respondent.If three or more children, the amount of support can be up to half the salary.When calculating the amount of maintenance obligations taking into account all types of earnings and other income.

Maintenance obligations of parents and children are considered by the court depending on the position of the defendant, both tangible and family.Moreover, the court may increase or decrease the dimensional proportion of maintenance payments based on his real-life circumstances.Alimony is made in a fixed amount.In some cases, for example, when the family has two young children, and one of them is living with his father, the other - the mother, the amount of child support collected in favor of the parents, at least financially secured.

Adult disabled children are also entitled to alimony content.If their existing serious illness or injury to adults who need help disabled children, the condition requiring nursing care are entitled to reclaim the additional funds alimony from their parents.At the same time, on the merits, maintenance obligations of parents and children are equal.Ideally - this is when the first young parents include their children to their majority: to feed, clothe, educate and educate.And after the grown-up children help their parents grow old, they render them every moral and material support.Adult children are obliged by law to help parents keep them.Alimony can be paid to parents voluntarily or by a court.In the appointment of alimentary content to support disabled parents judge carefully studying their financial and family situation.Adults of working children by the court may be totally exempt from alimony obligations towards their parents, if in the course of judicial proceedings in the courtroom it is proved that their parents once shied away from this legal obligation towards them.Maintenance obligations of parents and children also include the participation of adult children in the additional content of their disabled elderly parents when they are due to injury or serious illness requires constant care.