Biography: cosmonaut Andrian Nikolayev G.

In the history of space exploration has a lot of names of people who risked their health for the sake of prosperity of science, made great discoveries.These were the people who conquered the cosmic expanse.Among them cosmonaut Andrian Nikolayev G..What was his life on Earth and in space, read this article.

Biography: cosmonaut Nikolayev AG childhood

The family of simple peasants - milkmaids and groom Anne Gregory September 5, 1929 a son was born, named Adrian.They lived then in a small village called Shorshely (Chuvash Republic).

As long as Adrian said goodbye at school, he wore a name Grigoriev (on behalf of his father - Gregory, it was brought up at the time).

Besides Adrian, the family had three more children, they lived very poorly.Future astronauts dreamed of becoming a paramedic, but to give his son a medical education parents could not.Therefore, on the recommendation of his older brother Adrian entered the Forestry College and moved to the Mariinsky Posad.In 1947, he successfully graduated from college and was sent to the distribution in trust "Yuzhkarelles" master, where he worked in the logging until 1950.Then he went to the army and forever linked his life to aviation.In 1951 he entered the School of Aviation, and then from 1954 he served in the military units of Moscow.

Biography: cosmonaut Nikolayev AG - the first flight

In 1960 was formed the first group of cosmonauts, which came and Nikolaev.While preparing for the flight, he always worked in full force, never finished training until realized that learned this part of the program at 100%.He understood that there is no important and not so important - any omission could lead to tragic consequences.

Flight 1962, which was attended and Adrian G., was very productive.

first in the history of space exploration group flight with "Vostok-3" and "Vostok-4" allow to draw conclusions about the quality of radio communication beyond Earth.During the flight we were obtained the results of many scientific, technical and medical experiments.The first person who was in the vehicle without a spacesuit, the astronaut became Nikolaev.

his biography suggests that the book "Space - the road without end" and "I'll meet you in orbit", which were read at the time, many kosmomany are describing his own impressions and experiences.

Biography: cosmonaut Nikolayev AG - second trip into space

In 1970 he was made the longest (at the time) space flight, the captain was Andrian Grigoryevich.The journey lasted more than 17 days.After landing, it was discovered the phenomenon of "the effect of Nikolaev."The astronauts could not move for some time and felt very sick as a result of the fact that during the flight they did not do almost no exercise.Nikolaev added training program for flight data that the ship must necessarily be installed fitness equipment.

Biography: cosmonaut Nikolayev AG - personal life

In 1963, his wife Adrian G. became the world's first woman cosmonaut chosen profession - Valentina Tereshkova. After 18 years of marriage, they separated.The daughter (only child in the world, whose parents - the astronauts) Elena chose to become a doctor.

in 2004 (July 3) the great cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union suffered a heart attack, leaving the age of 74, he died.