Multiple offenses

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About multiple crimes say that if one person has been committed multiple thereof (for example, more than two).Just note that in this case the criminal record has no value.

Plurality of crimes has the following features:

- The person has to make more than two separate crimes.

- Taking into account only those offenses that have not lost their legal meaning.This refers to the fact that the statute of limitations on them has not expired, has not been issued an amnesty act, and so on.

- Crimes must be installed exclusively by a court sentence.That the person who committed socially dangerous act, but a criminal case in respect of which, for whatever reasons, was discontinued, recognized not commit crimes.

- consider not only finished but unfinished crime.

Composite, go on, go a crime - it is not the form of multiple crimes.Under the continued understood as a single offense directed exclusively to one object, committed a number of similar actions.The objective remains the same.Plurality of crimes are innocent.

Lasting continues uninterrupted as some certain period of time.For clarification, we note that it has the nature of the process.The compound is obtained from the crime of two separate actions.As an example, it can be called a robbery, which is causing injury, paired with the theft.

Types of multiple crimes

two.It is a set of crimes and recidivism.

About collectively say that if the acts are committed by a person who had not been convicted of any article of the Criminal Code.

In this case, the multiplicity of crimes has the following features:

- one person has to make more than two offenses;

- each of them is committed to the conviction of any (at least in one);

- crimes should be qualified by various articles of the Criminal Code, or as separate parts of a single article.

The collection is divided into two types.It can be an ideal or real.The latter refers to a person committing several crimes.Under ideal means taking a set of actions, the responsibility for which is provided by several parts of the Criminal Code.

Plurality of crimes, and has a shape such as a relapse.It refers to the commission of new acts the person has previously violated the criminal law and was condemned for it.

signs of relapse following:

- taking into account only those crimes committed in the bottom of which lies the intention;

- a conviction is taken into account only outstanding (unwithdrawn);

- must be at least two separate crimes.

itself a recurrence can be particularly dangerous in a simple and dangerous.

hazard depends on the nature of the crimes committed, the number of convictions, and so forth.It does not take into account those that a person has committed before the age of eighteen.Also not taken into account the crime having a small degree of severity, and those who are appointed punishment for probation, there was a delay of punishment.

What is a criminal record?It is understood as a special legal status of persons sentenced by a court to a criminal penalty.Since its inception - the sentencing.Removed it after a certain time after serving his sentence.In cases of probation, she starred in the day when the deadline for this conviction.That person with a criminal record who had withdrawn recognized criminal record.What is its meaning and significance?Particular emphasis should be placed on the fact that it is a serious aggravating circumstance.