Star-adjusted East

(In Abkhazia, the high-level protocol signed memorandum on creation

International Public Charitable Foundation Heroes)

Heroes - outstanding people for their courage, valor, self-sacrifice, makes the feat.Specific characteristics, features and criteria for determining the hero is not, it could be anyone.But certain qualities of character necessary to perform the feat.You can not always be a hero, but one can always be a man.Generalization of the activities of such people for the benefit of the state's interests the best example to follow and associations of society.Popularization of examples of heroism and self-sacrifice will strengthen patriotism in the society, to educate young people on the high principles of spirituality and morality, ideals of humanism, charity and mutual assistance.

Speech by the President of the General Assembly of the Founders of the International Public Charity Foundation Heroes Boris Ovchinnikov opened a new chapter in international relations Russian, aimed at strengthe

ning stability in the Caucasus region.

Sochi TV people, hurrying to run the story on the air, is not penetrated in the materials provided to them than miss the essence of what happened.To the layman it sounded like this: "Hero Secular Union Igor Chmurov met with the Minister of Defense of Abkhazia, resulting in the Republic Fund office was opened" Golden Stars of Russia. "Not that interesting and out of the way.You should have accepted what happened most residents of Abkhazia, whose television receivers are in the area of ​​broadcasting television stations Sochi, if all the media of the southern Russian neighbor did not let the day before the full socio-political assessment of what has happened in the walls of the Museum of the Ministry of Defense.

Born in the walls of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Abkhazia the idea of ​​creating a fund for the social orientation of the six months of its thorough format as a global strategy to promote peace and stability in the Caucasus.The geographic region, on the border of Europe and Asia, in a complex geopolitical terms.Forms of it are the world's leading players, and their purpose in this case is not selfless and cloudless.It does not just the world as it seems.So the United States and its partners in the realization of the idea of ​​world domination has long been hatching plans to oust Russia from the Caucasus for the banks of the Volga, using puppet regimes, as well as fueling a versatile means of apposition clans and movement.Obvious examples of this limitless interference in the internal affairs of States were - the bombing of Yugoslavia, the displacement of Serbs from their ancestral lands in Kosovo, covered delusional slogans invasion of Iraq.That is now happening in the Arab oil arteries and can not speak.

Cut off from Asia Main Caucasian ridge pearl of the Black Sea, as it may be said about the north-west of its position in the South Caucasus, Abkhazia every right to consider himself a full-fledged European state in the east of the continent.Here the sea and gentler, and the air is curative, and the stars shine in a different way.The star of the Hero of Abkhazia is also a special format - in contrast to heroic ancestors and stars Soviet neighbor brotherly neighbor Russia rays on it ten times more that in any case, does not reduce the price of a feat for which it is awarded.History of the Golden Stars in the Republic of great and tragic, because it is not associated with feats of arms, and most of them with bloody wars against obsessed national dominance aggressors.22, a native of Abkhazia became Heroes of the Soviet Union.Among them, twice Hero of the Soviet Union pilot Vladimir Popkov, heroes reconnaissance Kantariya M. and B. Gable, artillery V. Kharazia, Sergeant B. Ochelenko Captain A. Chakryan, sailor R. Bartsits, H, Hodos, J.Kokoskeriya other.The eight-pointed star, established December 4, 1992.were awarded about three hundred people, of which about three dozen citizens of the Russian Federation.The star of the Hero of Russia (posthumously) was awarded the Guard Sergeant 345th OPDP Vitaly Wolf feat for Gumista committed in the area of ​​the front.

leave the war behind, heroes unite in a new transnational projects, the sale of which Abkhazia should become a state attractive for investments, with a strong economic and cultural growth of the Orthodox center of tourism and religious pilgrimage.Openness created by the Foundation for entry into it of other countries is an important factor in the development of international cooperation and peace in the region, it will affect the public through the governments of other states to recognize the sovereignty of the Republic of Abkhazia, which is a major national interest.

importance and the need to create a project has attracted the attention and understanding of the various communities on both sides of the border.His positive assessment and support given: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in Abkhazia Semyon Grigoriev, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Viktor Ozerov, chairman of the Committee for the soldiers-internationalists at the Council of Heads of Government of the CIS Hero of the Soviet Union Lieutenant-GeneralRuslan Aushev, deputy chairman of JSC "Stroytransgaz" Anatoly Gorelov, CEO of socio-political newspaper "President" Sergei removed and others.

main participants of the fund, to invest in it all their heroic potential, become President of the Russian Charity FoundationHeroes of the Soviet Union and Hero of Russia "Golden Stars of Russia" Hero of the Soviet Union Igor Chmurov, Defense Minister of Abkhazia hero Colonel General Mirab Kishmariya, President of the Inter-Regional Association of veterans of the Airborne Forces and Special Forces Boris Ovchinnikov.Each of the other founders are not too small a heroic journey, marked by high awards.

reaction to the establishment of the Fund was immediate foreign states, their support and expressed the desire to participate Heroes of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and even Israel.

And it does not matter, the hero of which you are a country or a continent - heroes, idols, geniuses, authorities year after year retains its value - it is fragile veins on the body of a nation whose very existence says we are alive, we are together !!!

PS: Be sure in any endeavor, there are good figures, which, because of their way of life is small mind, able to drop a spoonful of tar in such attractive for them, but very distant barrel of honey.So a few previously high-ranking Russian military officers, mentally trying to reward their dusty parade uniforms, rushed spread in the reports, while writing stories about his unprecedented heroic participation.But here the security system project work as oiled machine, carefully polishing the healthy and useful grains from all kinds of infections and debris.Or who is not allowed to stick their hands sweaty with excitement in the national interests of the two states, even if from the stupidity and greed make it very desirable.And from the fabulous talk and no cause unnecessary interference with stakeholders only an ironic smile and a desire to brush aside like annoying flies.