Problems are not afraid, when applicable risk diversification

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Any business, any commercial activity is dangerous.Her numerous risks inherent in different spheres.This risk may be caused by changes in the political environment, and the risks created by the difficult economic situation, but, in the end, one does not exclude the possibility of extreme weather circumstances, which may be reduced to "no" all the activities of the firm.

It is a brake lever in the business, many entrepreneurs are afraid of even the smallest of risks, afraid to face them face to face.But this is an unreasonable fear!Because every situation you can go, so any risk can be controlled.

excellent solution to combat the risk could be to diversify the business.What does it mean?Diversification of activities suggests that the organization has for dying the way that one can compensate for the risks of success in the other direction.

For example, the company supplies the market with bananas, but in some of the years suchilsya terrible crop failure this overseas fruit.The organization got into a difficult situation.But the company's management had foreseen the possibility of occurrence of crop failure, so the solution would be competent to diversify its activities, that is to start supplying more apples, pears and peaches.Even if there will come a poor harvest of bananas, the organization will always be able to stay afloat due to the implementation of other products.

This is why every company needs to avoid monopolies in their work, because it can lead to bankruptcy.And it somehow just no company wants to reach not.

But not only various types of products are able to keep the organization afloat.Diversification of risk - it is also a great course for managing the situation of uncertainty in the enterprise.That also includes the diversification of risk?

Each enterprise must always maintain control of potential risks, to monitor changes in the market situation and calculate the probability of occurrence of the event.That's what should be done to diversify the risks, that is, from the division.And the more the risks are separated, the easier it is to manage them.

diversification of risks involves the creation of a tree or a risk matrix, which will be collected all possible events: first, enlargement, and then the smaller ones.

For example, the risks of enlargement can be seen as economic, political, natural, social, commercial.But each of these risks can be divided into smaller ones.Consider the division of economic risks.

1 - a change in exchange rates;

2 - the lack of funds;

3 - high indebtedness;

4 - lower prices for similar goods of competitors;

5 - increase in prices for raw materials and many others.

Risk diversification makes it possible to break up potential threats to a minor troubles, a plan for the solution of which can be developed in advance.For this purpose, and introduced such measures.Managers who are engaged in risk management can advance to see the possible threats the efficiency of enterprises and to develop a plan solutions capable of time to save the situation.

diversification of risks, of course, does not exclude them offensive, but it enables the company managers to react in time to the coming changes and to adopt adequate solution without panic and fear of losing everything.

Given these factors, risk diversification seems quite conscious and expedient method for the management of the organization.But the difficulty lies in the fact that few specialists are able to predict the possible risks and calculate their probability of occurrence.However, today universities are preparing specialists in this field, and experience of the organization will greatly assist in the hard work to combat emerging risks.