Prospector - a vocation or hard work?

Our life is full of dangers, that we do not even notice.If you think about it, many of our actions are associated with certain risks.Have you ever thought about how dangerous it is to drive a car?Driven by the force resulting from the combustion in an enclosed space, in fact the explosion ... but we do not even think about the fact that it can be fraught with unpleasant consequences for us.At the same time there are people who deliberately take risks associated with the performance of their duties.


Let us first turn to the explanatory dictionary and learn the meaning of "prospector".Ushakov's Dictionary defines this concept as follows.Prospector - a person engaged in researches in any field.It is understood no more, right?Then we turn to the next term - "finding".All the same Ushakov defines this word as "a process of searching, study."Thus, it turns out that prospectors - these are people who are searching and research in various fields of human life.


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define the terminology, let zaym—Ďmsya "researches" the practical benefits of this profession.The first thing worth mentioning is the construction work.In any decent and respectable construction company present position prospector.This is a special person who visits the place of the proposed construction, in order to verify its compliance with all the requirements.

works themselves are engineering survey and are a necessary part of building.They help determine the economic viability, improve security at the facility, allow to develop accurate documentation, and estimates for the construction work.

In many cases, engineering surveys are vital to both customers and the end consumer.With this type of work is studied in detail the soil, underground utilities, soil and many other aspects of the area.If we neglect the survey, it can not only lead to a sudden increase in the construction budget, but also lead to a number of accidents and damage to communications and city infrastructure.

As you now know, the profession of "prospector" - is responsible for the lives of people, which falls on the shoulders of a specialist.


Geological surveys are needed not only in construction.Despite the fact that in most cases it refers to the site survey, this type of work is required not only in communities.Prospector - is a professional engaged in the search.For example, mineral exploration.The biggest career and mine resources have long tasted, but the profession remains relevant to this day.As you know, the prospector - a painstaking and difficult profession, which can not deal with each.

Another field of activity of prospectors, gradually disappearing into the shadows - is paving the navigable canals.No matter how sad to watch, but the decline in civilian shipbuilding and shipping noticeable to the naked eye.However, until now, in some public institutions you can find job prospector in the area called "geological survey".

"Road of Life"

Returning to the subject of construction, it is necessary to mention areas such as roads, and first of all - iron.Engineering research in this area even more indispensable than in urban planning.Remembering the Great Patriotic War, it should be noted that this work was sometimes more dangerous than directly from the military.

Prospectors railwaymen were in the second row, right after the sappers.Their task was to design and installation of means of communication, as well as the restoration of damaged roads and bridges.A "Road of Life" in the besieged Leningrad did not appear by itself.All work was carried out under fire and bombardment of the enemy.

But even now, in times of peace, prospectors in the field of construction have an enormous burden of responsibility for laying railway tracks.After all, this is not the lost money as a result of the design of the building and thousands of victims in the case came down to the train tracks.


In the military sphere can also be found post prospector.Of course, it's called a little different, but the essence remains the same.Military prospector - a scout.It is interesting that in the English language there is no such thing.Prospector translated prospector.A dictionary of synonyms gives us a hint that this is the same thing as a scout (scout).

Army intelligence units meant by a well-known Stirlitz - sort of a spy in a suit.Scout - a person who is able to hide in the woods on level ground, to be able to survive in the most difficult conditions, and most importantly - to remain inconspicuous.

The army is engaged in researches not only the infantry.Pilots military and civil aviation - people who regularly put themselves at risk.In addition to military intelligence, in time of peace, they have to deal with, for example, search for missing persons.A striking example is characteristic of Russia: each spring carries the fishermen at sea on an ice floe, and rescuers are looking for and the military.