Aquarium inhabitants: catfish meshkozhaberny

Meshkozhaberny catfish - a small freshwater fish, which in nature is found only in the waters of India, Ceylon and Burma.And it is a popular and highly unusual resident of home aquariums.


The name of this fish had originally arranged for breathing apparatus, which resembles the lungs.It is a two bags that extend along the whole body based on the two sides of the back.The walls of the bags contain a large amount of blood vessels.

To keep breathing catfish meshkozhaberny periodically rise to the surface of the water and swallows air.If it is possible to deprive such, you need to constantly change the water.A standing catfish die for 5-6 hours.

size of these fish ranged from 15 to 35 cm, while males are usually smaller and slimmer than females.

Painting from KGS discreet, dark gray-brown, but the fish are born albino and the stigma has four pairs of long barbels.On the fins are sharp, painful stinging spines.

Care and Maintenance

is best meshkozhaberny catfish feels in large aquariums, water volume of 90 liters and above.The spacious home this fish can grow up to 30 cm, and in a small aquarium size it reaches only 10-15 cm.

for content Som optimal water temperature ranges from 21 to 25 degrees Celsius in the acidity of 6.5 - 7.5.It requires constant aeration.

With proper care meshkozhabernye catfish can live in the home up to 10-12 years.

This fish - predator.She eats a smaller aquarium inhabitants and kills its sting large fish.Podselyat Therefore it is not recommended to anyone.In an extreme case, a neighbor of catfish may be very mobile, commensurate with his fish.And best of all live together in one catfish aquarium snails.

Meshkozhabernye catfish actively behave at night.And in the daytime or when the light they prefer to hide, so you must be sure to provide shelter and crevices.At night, the aquarium is better to close, because in the dark catfish like to jump out of the water.

These fish are omnivorous and unpretentious food.They swallow their prey whole.Appetite for catfish is very good.They eat live food (tubifex, bloodworm), feed (tetramine), special pellets for catfish, meat, fish.

Catfish meshkozhaberny quickly pollute the aquarium - need to change the water frequently.It should be very careful fishing net.Soma is very fearful and try to escape from a net in the shelter and crevices.

touching your fish this is impossible - it is very painful zhalitsya.It feels like it's like a wasp or bee sting, and the place of defeat then numb and sore for a long time.

For meshkozhabernym catfish is very interesting to watch: he knows how to recognize the owners and comes up to ask for food.

For Catfish necessary to have a large volume of more than 100 liters nerestovnik with spawning bars, shelters and tufts of grass.

Meshkozhaberny catfish is paired spawn.Sexual maturity comes at the age of 8-9 months.

male prepares a suitable slot in the shelter, and then he takes care of the eggs and fry.Just prior to spawning fish change color; it becomes lighter, and there are characteristic spots.To stimulate the process of reproduction, it is often necessary to change the water and abundant and slightly raise its temperature - up to 27-29 degrees.

Often meshkozhabernye catfish spawn on their own, especially if they live in a spacious aquarium, where a couple have generated more than 150 liters of water.

to steadily raise catfish, they periodically hormonal stimulation injections of gonadotropin or drug pituitary.

One female usually lays over a thousand eggs from which larvae a day.And one day the fry begin to swim.Starter feed for fry - Artemia.