Want to quickly know the plot of the story - read a summary."Spring shifters " - it's a great story about a teenager

Vladimir Fedorovich Tendriakov lived in 1923-1984 years.This Soviet writer who created the 30 stories and novels.The story about teenagers "Spring HRE" writer created in 1973.He describes the pupils, their relationship in his novel Tendriakov."Spring turncoats" (summary of the work) to help familiarize yourself with the plot.But reading the narration takes only 5 minutes, and original - 2 hours.In 1974, based on this work was filmed a feature film.He goes a half hour.


Spring shifters - a revolution in the minds Dyushki - the protagonist of the story.Just one day the boy grew up and began to think about the meaning of life, about the transmigration of souls.Thirteen-year teenager trying to solve math problems, but she did not budge.At this time, the child's eyes fell on the collection of works of Pushkin and the young philosopher read the lines that the great poet dedicated to his wife.Andrew looked up at the wall, where hung a portrait of Natalia Goncharova, and suddenly realized how this woman looks like a girl with Dyushkoy uchivshuyusya school, RIMCO Bratenёvu.Quickly see what happened can help summary."Spring shifters" - a story about a good soul child who is able to admire the beautiful and sharp sense of injustice.

Confrontation - moral and physical

The lyrical mood teenager goes home and sees a group of children led by a notorious hooligan Sanka.He came up with a disgusting game - tied to the foot of the frog rope and threw it to the target.Moreover, he tried to bring this hardcore action Dyushku Tyagunova, but he flatly refused.A friend Dyushi, Minka, was unable to withstand the onslaught of a bully.He killed a frog, throwing it into a target.Dyushka expressed everything he thinks about Sanya.Children looked at the boy, struck with his boldness.To understand what was Dyushka brave, help the reader to the story and its summary."Spring shifters" - a story about a pure soul and thoughts child.Even if the guy was scared, he did not show the form.

Minka said that now Dyushke need to be careful, because Sanka not forgive his remarks against him.Andrew began to wear in the knapsack brick for self-defense, but had never applied.One day in the schoolyard man approached him from the gang Sanka and said that he will soon take revenge on him.Dyushka did not wait for this, and immediately went to Sanya, and gave him a slap.A fight broke out.All direct and indirect participants of the accident caused the director.

tragedy and salvation

Now, it's your final summary.HRE spring after winter manifested in the behavior of not only Dyushki but Minki.Timid guy surprised everyone.When the director and math teacher asked why Tjagunov is brick, the Minka explained that it was for self-defense from Sanka, because he can and a knife stab.Hooligan broke, began to argue that he had no knife.Then a timid Minka began boldly to accuse him, telling how he mocks the animals.Sanka has not forgiven the boy, and then really Minko stabbed with a knife.But all ended well.Dyushki Mom, the doctor helped save a child.

This ends the retelling of the story "Spring shifters."Summary acquaint readers with the highlights of the work in just a few minutes.