How to clean the cache on the Novice computer

During long-term operation or laptop computer for most users certainly raises the question: how to clean the cache on your computer?First, memory problems do not arise.A lot of space, and its presence is not necessary to think.But then, after some time, the question becomes very relevant.The main problem in this case - the accumulation of information, due to which the computer will slow down.To avoid this problem, it is necessary to periodically clean the cache.This can be done in two ways: by using built-in tools and the use of specialized tools.Each of them will be considered in the framework of the material.

Browser Every browser, you can clear the cache manually."Mozilla", "Opera", "chrome" and "Yandex" are built on the same engine.Therefore, they use the same algorithm for performing this procedure.First, we press Ctrl + Shift and without releasing it, click Del.A window appears "Clear History."It choose the time interval for which you must carry out this operation.This is done in the top drop-down list.Then set the desired check boxes and click the button labeled "Clear History."

little more difficult this operation is performed in Internet Explorer.Go to the menu "Tools".It choose "Internet Options."Then go to the tab "General".In it we find the button "Delete" under "Browsing History."Making her right-click.Next, open the window, which sets flags in its sole discretion, and click "Delete."After closing all open windows and continue to work in Internet Explorer.

Hard Drive

now deal with how clean the cache on your computer with the help of a guide.To start running it by pressing a combination of Win + R. In the window that opens, right click on the label of the first logical volume (usually partition "C:").In the list that appears, select "Properties".Then, find the button that says "Disk Cleanup" and click on it.Install only the box "Temporary Internet files".The rest should be active.Then
click "OK".We wait until the end of the cleaning and close all open windows before.Similarly, clean the rest of the physical and logical volumes on the computer.

specialized software

easiest way to clear the cache using special utilities.The most popular product of this class is Ccleaner, developed by Piriform.It can also optimize the operating system registry and remove the program.Another advantage of this utility - is that it is absolutely free.How to use it next.Download the version of the installation it from the official website of the developer.Then install it by following the instructions in the wizard.Start by double-clicking on the label, which is located on the desktop.In the window that opens, go to the tab "Cleaning" (located at the top right of the screen).A window with two tabs: Windows and "Applications".On each of them set the check boxes, then press the "Analysis".We wait for its completion, and click "Clean".Upon completion of the program can be closed.This is the easiest way how to clean the cache on your computer.Minus such solution is only one - the need to install additional software.


As part of this material have been described different ways of how to clean the cache on your computer.System tools can be used for these purposes, but it is not very convenient in practice.Therefore it is better to establish a specialized utility and enjoy it.It occupies the place it is not so much, but it is much easier with the help of her to perform this operation.