The names of ancient demons.

«Another World", "the kingdom of the dead," "the kingdom of the afterlife", "hell" - as soon as we may call a parallel reality, which is inhabited by beings devoid of flesh.The souls of the dead, angels and demons inhabit it, sometimes intersecting with us.These meetings are not always pleasant, but because the people for the time being (until it is their own hour of death) is better to stay away from anything otherworldly.However, the curiosity - the great tempter.And it forces us to look beyond the visible face.

Who are the demons

belief in the existence of demons more than one millennium.These creatures have been associated with a variety of manifestations of evil, witchcraft, violence, the most terrible and disgusting vices.Philosopher Plato asserted that demons - are intermediaries between men and gods.From the first to the higher realms they transmit requests, pleas, the victim.And from the second to the world of people delivering the divine decrees, distribute rewards and punishments.Names of demons (and each such infernal entity was allocated its own name and has a definite step in the overall hierarchy) is usually pronounced aloud rare court order not to trouble his head.Did they, as a rule, only the dedicated (witches, wizards, warlocks, alchemists, astrologers, priests, mages, shamans) and highly educated priests.Occultists such data were needed to carry out ceremonies and rituals for oracles and various sorceries.And the names of the ministers of worship demons, and the knowledge of their basic qualities, weaknesses gave power over evil spirits.With the sacred prayers they could fight the otherworldly glamor and interventions to drive malicious entities in their world.Therefore, the inhabitants of the abyss themselves often tried to hide, hide from people the way they are called.

Christian demonology

In the culture and civilization of each nation has its own demonology.This is due primarily to religious beliefs, with the change of one religion to another.Because the names of the demons cause different associations and interpretations.In ancient sources, narrating about the world beyond, between them and the gods did not exist a special division.And they are not always considered to be awful creatures of the night, rather, had a dual nature, sometimes acting in accordance with the Code of good, and in the other - evil.When the world began to spread Christianity, and other religions were declared ancestral pagan became outlawed and persecuted even their gods and spirits also were in exile.The names of demons and replenished the list of devas - gods Eastern mythologies (they are genies).By the same ranks of those were classified as angels that rebelled against God, his creator, and joined Satan.From this it came from, and the phrase "fallen angel."

Gender demonology

studying the names of ancient demons, the researchers made sure that these creatures are divided into male and female.Of course, representatives of the "stronger sex", so to speak about spirits, much more.But Lady Legion also presented quite diverse.Mythical names of demons women give a clear idea of ​​the scope of what they are responsible for what function is performed and how it is important in the overall system of supernatural forces.Of course, the highest degree infernal hierarchy "girls" did not take, but in his sphere of influence, no doubt, replace them no one can.Our article is devoted to the demons in general.But following the rules of etiquette and good manners, skip "women" ahead!

Wives Satan:


Yes, our "fallen angel" were spouses.The names of Girl demons - Agrate, Lilith Elizazdra.For each of them is responsible?Let's start with the bat Agrate Mahlat - the third wife of the devil.Her Diocese - "moths", confused, or more simply - prostitution and other sexual excesses.Origin succubus has Jewish roots, she is considered one of the main progenitors of other demons.People Agrate usually not harmful, except for the time that roams the deserted streets at night twice a week - from Tuesday to Wednesday and from Friday to Saturday.Accompanying her an army of angels of vengeance and anger - about 1800. In his pedigree has Agrate Egyptian and Jewish roots.She - the daughter of a mortal woman of striking beauty and hell Igertielya.

Now Lilith Lilith.It was, incidentally, the first wife of Adam!Studying the names of demons and their values, the researchers found that this image is found in the ancient Sumerian texts, he is in Egyptian mythology, Jewish, and then come to the European soil.Pedigree devils very complicated.The different interpretations of her name sounds like "night", "formless".In one of his incarnations Lilith is the queen and mother of demons in the other - the main wife of the Devil.And appearance is described differently in different sources.She appears before the single men who caught the night on the road in the open air and kill them.In this case, the devil chooses the image of a beautiful woman with long dark hair.According to other legends, is a child of the night is fantastic looks ugly, monstrously ugly, killing babies by sucking their blood.She - the main danger of women, ie. A. May impose on them infertility, kill the child in the womb of the mother or woman in childbirth, when she gives birth to a child.According to Judaism, Lilith threw Adam, t. To. Did not want to obey him, opposed the will of God, for which he was punished: all her children should be the same creatures of Hell, like herself.The Jews, in order to protect children from devils, hang over the crib kids plaques with the names of angels, which she fears.Do not tolerate it, and red - hence the old tradition to tie Babe handle red thread.And in modern interpretations of Lilith - the black goddess.It is linked with such mythical names of the demons of the night in the women's guise as Hecate, Kali, and others. The image becomes a space, the global sense.


continuing to list the names of female demons can not remember Elizazdru (it Elizda) - an eerie creature, great giantess growth of about 4 meters, with 7 horns on his head.It is difficult to estimate the damage caused by its people, and its degree of cruelty.The sea of ​​blood shed by the fault of devils, and he Cyprian pray the Lord to protect the human race from Satan and Elizazdry.It is one of the supreme demon, distributes ranks and titles in the hellish "Chancellery".

According to some sources, have been more loving Devil's wife - Ayshet, Naama, Mahallat.In general, not only he but also other succubi demons used for "carnal" comfort, engaging with them in an intimate relationship.

And about women's demonology

listed above are representative of society ladies mythical names of the demons are not limited.So, the German people, and there are legends about alrunah - first prophetess, and then - the sorcerer.They are easy to take the shape of any living being harmed people do bad things, they hunted men.There is Astarte - the brutal world of the dead lady, the embodiment of unbridled lust and lust, sexual perversion.Her cult was in ancient Egypt, Syria, Babylonia, Israel.Often during the secret service and sophisticated rites priests ministering, bringing the demon victim castrated themselves.Although at first it been conceived of as a supreme female deity, the incarnation of the feminine universe.One should not forget about the incarnation of treachery, deceit, intrigue and betrayal - seductive Barbelo.God created her stunningly beautiful angel.Standing on the side of darkness, she turned into a dangerous demon!And Proserpina, succubus, Bruch, Cali, Lamia, Looking Zenunim.All of them are extremely ruthless, evil, dangerous for the human race, they deceive people by making men desire them, and then kill their victims, including children.

Demonology men:

Prince of Darkness

Next on the queue names of demons-men.And we'll start with the main cause of all the unrest in the kingdom of God - that of Satan himself, Vezelvula, Lucifer, and so on. D. He - the main fallen angel, cast out of heaven, His Father.It is believed that it is beautiful face and body, it emits light.Therefore "Lucifer" is translated, for example, as "light bringer."Although later - in Christian tradition - it has been taken to represent him repulsive, disgusting, horrible.In short, the Prince of Darkness!

kings, dukes, counts and governors

Inferno world even more subordinated to a strict hierarchy than human.Host of demons are innumerable, as the supreme rulers of the hordes there are 72 "units".Everyone has a certain number of goals and responsibilities, subordinate the general problem - the destruction of the human race.All of them rule over legions of hell have a personal print.At the same time, they are responsible for the realm of being entrusted to them: the transfer of knowledge, including the clandestine training science, transfer of material wealth, predictions, love affairs unit.Master magician, causing them can get answers to their questions and help in witchcraft cases.The most significant of these can be considered Belial, Beleth, Asmodeus, GAAP.What do they know?


Other interpretations of the name - the King Agriel, Belial, Beria.This is the spirit of death, nothingness, "nothing."And the destruction of debauchery, lust, destruction.According to the Bible, it is sometimes stronger than Satan himself, moreover, is the strongest and most terrible of demons.His task - to deceive the people, to seduce the crimes vile, shameful deeds.King Belial - the demon of perversion, including sex.Deceiving their victims young beautiful appearance that conceals a fierce nature.

showing white

showing white - King of Hell, whose breathing resembles an eerie glow of furnaces and can incinerate the one who causes it.For the magician, uses the services of a demon, it must necessarily have a silver ring on his finger - Silver cools this "fire-breathing dragon."Owns showing white a variety of musical instruments, is the passion of any living creature to the one who ordered his services.This eerie demon, which are sometimes in the form of a cat, even a little afraid of the other inhabitants of Hell.


All of us went through high school, so remember that the critic Pisarev raznochinets used the name of the demon that analyzed the bones of Turgenev's Bazarov.Translates it as "the adversary."Often referred to as the king of demons, even Satan.Sometimes Asmodeus takes the role of a judge, arbiter of human destiny.Depicts him seated on a throne, on the face - a mask with the face of an animal.


is the title of the great governor of the powerful Duke of Hell.It appears in the guise of a man who can convey to those who caused the most different sciences.He deceives people, can cause love or hatred, gives information about the different things, reveals the secrets of the past and the future.More Asmodeus has the gift of teleportation, transferring objects over long distances.

Japanese demonology

East - a delicate matter, and Japan fall under this definition.Names of Japanese demons resemble Russian pronoun 3rd person plural they.External entities are like devils, only bigger in size, have fangs, and their heads crowned with horns, like a fighting bull or yak mountain.They are like a giant humanoid gorilla whose skin is colored red, blue and black, inhabit hell.Clever, clever, fierce, walking around with huge clubs that crumble everything in its path.Extremely hardy.

to good infernal creatures who want to be friends with people, is a demon named lit (Zakuro).She originally poluchelovek-poluduh yokai clan youkai (demon fox).It's a nice girl, "nonstandard" origin which issued the tabs corresponding fox.

Of course, the list of characters in European and world demonology does not end there.The world of spirits - he is great! ..