famous English novelist Arthur Hailey wrote the novel "Hotel" in 1965.In this work the author tries to reveal the acute social problems that were brewing in the society of that time, with any serious relationship between them and the bourgeois reality Haley did not see.

basic sense of the storyline works

So "Hotel."Arthur Hailey.What is this work?The author takes the reader from New Orleans, where there is a large and well functioning hotel.

From the first lines of the novel tells the story of a number of hard-hitting stories.Young people brought up in quite intelligent families, organized in his room noisy party, during which a huge amount of alcohol drunk.It ended just awful: guys want the power to enter into an intimate relationship with a girl named Preyskott Marsh, who was the daughter of a wealthy man.This crime prevented hotel employee Aloysius Royce - he defended a girl from the young louts.Then one of the hotel's clients became ill and he had to help.In addition, the couple commits an intentional crime: a car hit by a mother with a child, and then come up with an alibi for himself, as if they were at the time of the tragedy did not leave the hotel.

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main characters works

Of course, the novel "Hotel" Arthur Hailey tried to make the most spectacular.What is it, in fact, he failed.All the turmoil and troubles which have occurred in the hotel, it is possible to smooth Peter McDermott, who held the position of assistant manager, and Christina Frances - Secretary innkeeper.

In the product "Hotel" Arthur Hailey Marshall storyline so that between the clerk and the secretary begins to develop novel.However, Peter began to impose his friendship Marsh Preyskott offering to become his wife.

However, the financial situation of the hotel leaves much to be desired.In the product "Hotel" Arthur Hailey showing her owner rather conservative person who does not want any innovations or changes.The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the hotel staff negligently performed their duties and constantly steal.

ultimately before Warren Trent (the name of the owner of the hotel) there is a problem of loss of business, he starts to think about what would happen to his hotel on, because it has already begun to take an interest in one of the banks.By Warren suddenly comes entrepreneur Curtis O'Keefe and offers to sell him to a hotel.But Trent has other plans, and he takes the time to think, and then begins to seek other buyers.He succeeds, but the deal fails.This fact was later a negative impact on business reputation.

However, one story line is not limited to the book "Hotel."Arthur Hailey parallel spins another story concerning the accident, which killed the mother and child.Head of Security Service Ogilvy knows who committed this crime and for the money helps the family Croyden hide his tracks.

The novel ends

final product simply breathtaking - and this remarkable novels of Arthur Hailey.Ogilvy is accused of aiding and abetting the Dukes, the new owner of the hotel became one of his guests on behalf of Wales.Peter McDermott has served as vice president of the hotel.