"Summer Bank": reviews.

of "Summer Bank" - a subsidiary of VTB 24, working in the segment of consumer mass.The Bank raises the minimum requirements for borrowers, offering a wide range of products and services.


In 1990 Bryansk appeared credit institution "Bezhitsa Bank."Its services are used by the largest enterprises in the city, it gradually began to explore the market of mortgage and consumer loans.In 2005, for possession of a capital company has joined Federal Property Management Agency, and in 2006 - the Bank of Moscow, which for three years has increased its share to above 95%.In 2011, the metropolitan financial institution has been absorbed by VTB Group and since then is its subsidiary.

In April 2012, almost 100% of the shares (a very small part remained minority shareholders) "Bezhitsa-Bank" already owned VTB 24, as head of the board was Dmitry Rudenko, formerly vice-president of "Russian Standard".He had a tremendous experience in the market of consumer (including the development of new enough for the Russian POS-loans - in retail outlets when purchasing goods).The senior management of financial structure includes other top managers "Russian Standard".In October 2012 "Bezhitsa Bank" held a renaming and rebranding, changing the name.So there was a "Summer Bank", Moscow became the city where the head office of the organization.

business model

Now "Summer Bank" - an institution that specializes in so-called mass market retail segment of consumer.Among the main products - granting of loans in the form of express (including through an application in retail chains), cash or by card.Across the country, opened a lot of credit and cash offices, a new national brand - "Summer Bank" reviews which are all themed online portals.Historically, the first commercial organizations which have signed a contract of partnership with "daughter" VTB 24, became the network DNS (sales engineer) and "Elmeh" (sale of fur).Loan programs "Summer Bank" designed for you to facilitate the purchase of goods and services for people with low ability to pay (or limited at the time of purchase).Issuance of loans is extremely simplified - you need a minimum of documents, the decision is taken quickly.But this business model is supported by a very high-stakes - at least 29.9% per annum (with respect to POS-loans and car loans).

structure of assets and priorities

Despite the rapid rise in popularity in the country, "Summer Bank", in fact, is "startup."Structure of liabilities institutions represented only an internal budget assets - in the form of interbank loans, corporate accounts on a dedicated account with the Central Bank of Russia.About half the assets of "Bank of Summer" is involved in the financing of infrastructure, the opening of new offices in the country, ensuring the processes of information.Through effective investment bank could for quite a short period of time to gain the confidence to customers.It is a young but proven successful financial institution offers favorable interest rates to borrowers and a good level of service, supported by qualified personnel.The target group of borrowers "Summer Bank" - unmarried resident of the administrative center of the subject of the Russian Federation with an income of 20 thousand rubles, and working in a small organization.The institution focuses particular attention on repeat customers by offering them attractive options.

Cash loans

When creating a new brand in the face of "Summer Bank" VTB 24 planned to guide the work of the institution to concentrate in those segments where the parent company does not conduct operations - a segment mass services for the population.Therefore, the conditions for the issuance of new loans from the bank is much simplified.The flagship banking product brand "Summer Bank" - a loan in cash.As a rule, express loans "Summer-Money", the decision on which is accepted in a few minutes (the larger amount - the longer).Borrower just needs to show a passport (if the amount of up to 100 thousand. If more - require and other documents).

rate on this line of products - 29,9-39,9%, which corresponds to the average figures for the market.At the same time, "Summer Bank" offers a very special product, an analogue of which is found in other financial institutions are not very often: a soft loan for reliable borrowers on the actual rate of 19.9% ​​per annum.That is, upon completion of payments on the loan the borrower returns the difference, as if he was paying a specified percentage.Partial or full repayment is allowed, making money on the account goes on the annuity scheme.There is a minimum payment - its size depends on the amount of the loan.

Additional services

«Summer Bank", reviews of which are largely determined by the quality additional services can offer the borrower a number of options in harmony with the basic banking products.Among those, for example, the service "missed payments": the customer can prevent a single late payment once a year, and there are no sanctions for it is not provided (except for the fact that the term of the loan will move to a month in advance).An interesting option is "Change the date of payment ': if a person does not have time to make a scheduled payment, it may postpone the date of payment of money for 15 days.The service costs 90 rubles.

There is a service "payment is reduced", allowing some to restructure the loan: once during the credit usage can be reduced by contributions compulsory payments by increasing the total loan period.There is the "Summer Bank" and a product such as "Program of insurance protection," - execution of the policy in the event of difficulties in repaying loans.Service price - 0.74% of the loan write-off comes from the account on a monthly basis.Features


«Summer Bank" cash loan which is available with a minimum of documents is extremely transparent conditions of loans.What does the customer in the contract - and he pays no small print inscriptions.Insurance when you make a loan issue here offer voluntarily, as opposed to competing banks, where it sometimes impose.Quick decisions on applications due to a perfect system of "scoring" and solvency assessment.Because this credit institution does not need a large amount of documents and money are often issued on the day of application.

very important factor - infrastructure "Summer Bank" is integrated with that of the VTB 24, so all the ATMs and offices latter institution - at the disposal of "summer" customers.In principle, the possibilities for redemption borrowers abound - in offices, through the terminals, the system of money transfers.Also, the "Summer Bank" tweaked procedure remote communication with customers: for example, if you want to use one of the services that are written above, you just call the call center agencies do not necessarily go to the office.Hotline "Summer Bank" is always ready to dialogue with borrowers.

Comfort client

While giving office interior shades of ease and friendliness - the trend of almost all Russian credit organizations "Summer Bank" different "seasonal", coming from the name of its own concept of heat tones, creating an atmosphere of comfort in their own premises.Apart from the beautiful design, very happy the organization of work of the bank offices: all centers to work with clients work every day, they have payment terminals.To lure people and a positive word in the title, which has a bank - summer.Addresses institutions are easily found in most urban online catalogs.

As mentioned above, no commissions and interest, you can make money through credit and infrastructure VTB 24, the elements of which are represented in abundance in most cities.The concept of respect and friendliness to customers and emphasizes leadership brand "Summer Bank".Schedule offices - not the only, however, the criterion of comfort borrowers.To some extent part of the model is the loyalty of friendship in assessing the solvency of customers - in this loan facility can get pensioners and students, to which the ratio of other financial institutions (including VTB 24) are often not the most trust.The most important advantage possessed "Summer Bank" - an application for a loan is considered very fast.

Loans through third-party banks

«Summer Bank" trying to experiment - in particular through the sale of its credit products through other partner agencies.According to relevant media reports, one of those is a bank, "Come!", Which already provides loans Standards "fly" and use the software from the "daughter" VTB 24. Experts believe that we are talking about banking franchise - stilla little-known in Russia form of interaction of financial institutions.The organization's management believes that such cooperation helps to analyze the market in the regions where the brand does not yet have offices.The bank, "Come!" Is actually shared with a partner with new customers, trying to "break in" new models of its own products.There among the experts and critical assessment of the interaction between two credit institutions: the franchisor may incur losses associated with the image.Food of another bank may be confusing to customers.Although, as experts admit, "Come on!" Receives a guaranteed commission revenue with zero credit risk.

successes in terms of figures

«Summer Bank" is actively exploring the Russian market of consumer loans.Experts estimate the institution, the real "zakreditovannost" the population of Russia in this segment, despite the pessimistic assessments of the set does not exceed 10%.Critically acceptable level of delay in the business model of the bank at the time of launch was 15%, but with the improvement of mechanisms of "scoring" and underwriting this figure up to the end of 2014 is planned to be reduced to 12%.In terms of staff recruitment "Summer Bank", reviews of which leaves not only borrowers but also the employees, focuses on youth that minimizes the characteristic of this segment of the market "churn" of personnel.

During 2013 portfolio increased 29-fold and exceeded 1 billion rubles.This index consists of two components - cash loans and POS-loans (16 and 4 billion respectively).Growing and geography of places where there is a brand "Summer Bank" - joined Rostov-on-Don, Kemerovo and other major Russian cities.By the end of 2014 the bank's management expects the growth of the portfolio to 28 billion. Improving the infrastructure of this financial institution has reduced the average time of the application for a loan of up to 10 minutes, resulting in credit facilities have almost disappeared from the stage of borrowers waiting for solutions.Work becomes more productive staff - is very well aware of "Summer Bank", which reviews the staff just can not be negative due to the coordinated interaction of various divisions of the organization.

credit scoring

The system of "scoring" and underwriting "Summer Bank" - an automated system based on SAS Credit Scoring and SAS Real-Time Decision, designed to make decisions in real time.Also connected to this process several credit bureaus.Work in the online direction: evaluation of borrowers occurs including on the basis of profiles on social networks.The Bank also plans to introduce a service that analyzes personal ties borrower: with whom he is familiar, what age and gender, these people, they, in turn, interact with each other and what relation to the bank.

diligence under this scheme will allow, apart from studying the social profile, to determine whether he is honest when filling out the application.However, the role of man in the "scoring" and underwriting experts estimate as high: no one, even the most advanced automated system can not be multifactorial analyze data about the borrower."Summer Bank", the application for the loan which is considered in combination - both staff and automatically - hold similar views.

Credit cards

Now the product line "Summer Bank" No credit cards, but the beginning of working with them is planned for 2014.So far, only the loans issued in cash, but the leadership of the institution understands that the card - the market needs a tool that will increase sales.However, a credit card is intended to be independent of banking products.Management announced plans to open this line of several specialized media."Summer Bank" card which is scheduled to release on investment from VTB 24 makes, according to market experts, the logical step.

Unsecured loans with high interest rates, analysts say, will find a good compatibility with the "card" format.Economists believe this segment of lending is quite popular in Russia.Perhaps marketers "daughter" VTB 24 is not to delay until the end of 2014, and try other time of year - summer.Addresses of the points where you can get "credit" will then prompt the customers office staff agencies.


As mentioned in the manual "Summer Bank" people work for many years engaged in POS-lending: the store where the buyer does not find a sufficient amount of money to buy the things you like, you can make it small loans.Market experts believe that the competition between the various financial institutions in this segment is growing: the retailers themselves are invited to their outlets representatives from banks.The borrower can compare offers from several credit institutions, and apply directly in all, then to choose the most profitable option.The main task of the market players, including "Summer Bank" - improving evaluation mechanisms, improving infrastructure.The competition is high, but because the client will choose the institution that, first of all, give the most prompt response to a request.Equally important is the positive aspect of the work with the borrower - if the latter do not like it, then the next time he chooses another organization, and this is clearly aware of the "Summer of the Bank."Guest - just positive - contribute to the establishment and development of successful banking business.