Let the money you love

Of course, I'm not sure that each of you would like to become a woman.If we choose - better to be women who love men who love money.But if life is composed in such a way that you just do not have around people who loved the money, even if the object of his adoration of the past will choose you.And you - women who love money -'ll have only to observe a few simple rules.

Never say "will not work┬╗

women who love money will never allow himself to say, "and will be a lifetime to get out of poverty," "I was never lucky in the lottery," "Yes, I dolifetime pay a little, "" Yes unless we oligarchs something ┬╗...

Rather, this woman will say this:" I will be all right "," no matter how much there is - my all, "" we can not afford it "and "money can not buy happiness."

Do what you love

And do not recede before difficulties.Yeah, not for the first year of employment favorite business money make you an offer of marriage.

Maybe not even the second.

And sometimes - not even the third.

But on the fourth all happen the way you dreamed of: kneeling money magic ring in a velvet box and a promise to be together for a long and happy life.

set ourselves the goal

women who love money, aims not to the world, no other people, no space, and the Lord God, and yourself.

I earn, I'll be able, I learn, I will not.

Money passion as young ladies do not like prazdnoboltayuschihsya no definite plans.

But love motivated.

Plan costs

They should always be at least 10% less than revenues.

To do this, you can either cut spending or increase income - choose what you more to your taste.

Pozvolyaye yourself more

get to the taxi to go to a restaurant doroguschy buy luxury shoes or insanely expensive beads ...

Money does not like Cinderellas - they need to see the potential in you dear woman.

not regret

money - as men.The less you fuss around them, the more they become attached to you.

so spend, spit, treat them dismissively or put at the forefront.

Let them run around you.

Because - here's the paradox - the money like those women who are more than money, love themselves.

Anna Sevyarynets

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