Pole vault: Technology, record

Today many sports is rapidly gaining popularity.The development of technologies to help people from around the world to watch the competitions.Sport improves health, rejuvenates and gives a good mood.

now hosts various competitions in athletics, which is not the last place is occupied by the pole vault.It seems that the athletes fly up in the air.Of course, this is not so, but the technique at the pole vault is extremely difficult.

Everyone remembers the great Sergei Bubka, whose record is maintained for many years.Among women, a genius is a pole vault Yelena Isinbayeva, whose achievement of other athletes and do not beat.After the birth of the child, she returned to the sport.

So how well do the pole vault?What is the history of this interesting and beautiful sport?How difficult is the pole vault, a technique that remains a mystery to most people?

appearance of

Before proceeding to describe the technique performing a jump, you need to analyze the history of the sport.More in a few centuries BC.e.various youth festivals entertained in this way.However, these activities could not be called a jump.Only in 1866 in England held its first competition in pole vaulting.At the time, the winner was Wohler, who won the mark of 3 m. In 1896, pole vault were included in the Olympic Games, and the American Hite in the same year reached the result in 3.30 m, and a new record.The next stage of its development the sport has passed with the advent of a bamboo pole.The plant has good qualities, such as it is beautiful spring, forcing the athletes to climb even higher.In 1908, Wright won the mark of 4 m. Its result was the figure 402 cm. This record in the high jump with a pole held out, but not for long.


new addition was the use of specific holes.It was not a revolution in the sport, but has contributed to setting new records.In 1924, rules were enabled the use of a special box, which performs the same function as the groove.Bamboo poles as operated until 1945.Replace it could not be found, so the record of 4.77 meters was held for 15 years, and then install it Gitovski improved the result by 1 cm in 1957.Within 3 years Bragg won the mark of 4.80 meters.

In the Soviet Union in the postwar years is the development of all sports, not the exception, and pole vault.Photo chronicles survived and advanced athletes pictures you can see below in the article.

next impetus to the development of the sport was the introduction of fiberglass poles that really changed the jumps.They were much lighter and more elastic, bamboo is often broke and injured athletes.Also began to appear, foam mats, which is equipped with a place to land.This secured the participants.Already in 1963, Sternberg has overcome a mark of 5 m. Finally, Sergei Bubka won the six-meter mark with a score of 614 cm.


This sport was not exclusively male.Pole vault without any problems and can make a woman.For the first time the fairer sex participated in the competition in 1919.German Behrens won the mark of 2 m. When the sport came under the ban, and again became legal only in the 80s.

a true legend in the pole vault for women is Yelena Isinbayeva, who set records as much as 9 times.Her latest achievement - to overcome the mark of 5 m. The result of it - 501 cm.


So what is it like to pole vault?How to describe this sport?To make the jump is necessary not only to jump well, but run and put himself right pole.From an athlete requires endurance, flexibility and agility.Pole vault on the right are the most difficult in technical terms among all the sports that are represented in athletics.

Thus, competent technique of jumping is as follows:

  • run and setting the pole in focus;
  • repulsion;
  • flight without support due to push through a set bar;
  • landing on the mats.


This is the first part of the correct execution of a pole vault.Takeoff is usually done at a distance of about 35-40 meters, depending on the preferences of a particular athlete.It is also important to follow the established rules.It is important to run at optimum speed, because it will give a good push.To perform the takeoff must be approached with the utmost attention.The pole also should be kept in the hands of a certain way.He must remain free and at the same time fully controlled by the athlete.Running should not cause vibration.If you hold the pole must adhere to the following rules.

  1. retention occurs at waist level.
  2. left hand (if jogging leg matches this side) should be at the top of the pole.The grip is also important.Thumb need to hold down the other - above.If the right hand is involved, it is necessary to take the opposite position.
  3. angle lifting pole in relation to the ground - for each competitor the value of purely individual.However, it is generally less than 70 degrees.
  4. grip height also depends on the particular individual and his physical fitness.The higher the readiness of the athlete, the more this value.
  5. distance between the hands in adults up to 70 cm. In children, for obvious reasons, it is less.
  6. Speed ​​professionals about 10 m / s.It allows you to make quality repulsion.At the time of the last steps is just going to push training.The elbow rests on the pole, which is output forward.

immediate preparation is done in different ways.All again depends on the performance and preferences of each athlete.

  1. Six Terminals 3 steps forward.
  2. At 5-4, he often falls at an angle from 70 degrees to 25.
  3. After that 3 pole pitch is set to stop.

necessary to simultaneously perform the above movement, in order to achieve a better result.At movement of professional athletes honed to automaticity, which explains their phenomenal results.

Tips and explanations

During the translation of the pole forward, before the feeding, the main work is done by the right hand.It is during the third step, together with the corresponding foot moves to shoulder.During the second step, the same final brush should already be in a position near the shoulder and chin.After the right foot takes a reference position, the axis of the hip and shoulders should be parallel to each other.Line run, and on which there is a movement should be perpendicular to them.To properly execute the pole vault, long pole to the weight of the athlete.For example, for a person of 80 kg is best suitable shell size of 4.9 m.


At the turn of the right hand should be put under the pole left elbow.This is necessary to make a competent jerk.There are also important synchronicity and correct implementation of the action.Repulsion occurs directly through a wave of hands from the chest and lunges respective legs, which gives the body a greater acceleration for making the jump.Makhovaia foot should strike the like left arm athlete.That is the way used by professionals.A small trick allows you to unlock the full potential of high-speed jumper.


This is the fastest phase is done by the athletes at the automatic level.The take-off takes place directly at the time of jogging on the support legs.After the foot is completely off the ground phase is completed, and proceeds to the next.It may seem that the repulsion - the easiest part of pole vault, which is not so important.However, it is not.That's a start, and depends on the height of the "flight".It can be dispersed well, know how to behave in the air, but without pushing away nothing.Pole vault performed without waving his arms.But the hand while playing a different role: they seem to rely on the pole and throw up athlete.I must say that modern missiles able to bend a meter, more "ancient" is such an opportunity was not available to athletes.When a pole vault, technology plays a major role.

In order to make things right and to achieve the best results, you must convert the body into a vertical position.Most of all, the mechanism of movement is similar to the long jump, with the exception of the work of hands.Mach foot is necessary to make a little less than in the above sport and pelvis and chest should like to move forward.Jogging leg after straightening presses on pole perpendicular to the right hand pulls the shell down and the left rests on him and goes up.Thus, there are two forces, in different directions, and contributes to a better result, due to the rectification of the pole.

Correct execution

Stroke does not occur, since the shell has great elasticity.Also, it affects the musculo-ligamentous apparatus of man.After that hangs on a pole vaulter.It is important to adhere to the values ​​described below.The angle of the jogging legs should be about 60 degrees, and repulsion - 76. Also worth noting is the forces that are pushing themselves and the athlete.Vertical load professional athletes - 600 kg, horizontal - 200 kg.However, while pushing off these values ​​are greatly reduced, the forces involved in lifting a person, usually 2-3 times less than that specified.But that's a lot, a diver must have a large power rates to be kept on a pole.Therefore, men and show the best results.

supporting part

After making the repulsion begins the next stage.The support of the jump should also be performed at the highest level, otherwise achieve great results will be quite difficult.She, too, is divided into several stages, namely, hanging, flapping, body extension, pulling and squeezing.


After repulsion athlete hanging on a pole, which throws it.Those who use a small deflection of the projectile, vis performed on her right hand.In this case, the axis of the shoulders and the pelvis are deflected towards the opposite limb.Therefore, this kind of performance is called "skew".Today most popular jumping with large deflection of the pole, the benefit of the projectile material allows it to do.The method is much more difficult in execution because of technical difficulties, but the high jump pole vault evolve, and you must use leading technology.

interesting that a pole reversal in the direction of the left hand during a Davis increases the chances of falling, due to loss of balance.Therefore, you need to gradually move into the proper hanging on hand that will reduce the risk of injury due to the rigid system.It will also help efforts committed athlete muscles and body into an upside down position.It is necessary to jump over the bar.Also it is necessary to increase the deflection, while leaving the foot performs a push back, and stretch the muscles of the body surface.Makhovaia leg connects with the jogging and the pelvis, in turn, approaches the pole.After the muscles that have been previously stretched, push body.Commits a wave of his feet.Then the basin is close to hand.

interesting sport - pole vault.It complicated technique combined with graceful movements of the body.

End phase

Pole rectified, thereby giving the athlete the energy that is expended to make the jump.After pulling the body is made, whether it ends with the registration of the shoulders and the hands grip.Then begins a push, to coincide with the full extension pole.Too much to plant in different directions legs should not be.The left hand makes pressing the pelvis to a pole while all the above actions, also helps the body to rotate about its axis.Then his hands come off the pole and starts flying.At this time the diver goes over the bar.

Athletics (pole vault included) requires a lot of effort and energy, and the technique is extremely complex exercise.It takes time and exhausting workout that a person was able to achieve results.

final phase

Flight of the means coasting, that is onward and upward.Once the body reaches a level trims, a diver must bring the legs for it, thus helping to overcome the obstacle itself.Preparation for landing.Today, this part of the machinery unimportant as athlete insure mats.Previously, it had to land in the pit with sand and sawdust.

today extremely popular pole vault.Records set by Sergey Bubka, is kept for a long time, but the new athletes dream to beat him.

Parents send their children to jump section.There's not only their child achieve certain results, but also improve their health as well as any kind of athletics requires a lot of effort and hard training.