The greatest people on the planet

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Mankind loves to make various ratings in all areas of their lives."The best comedy of love", "The worst of the book", "The most reliable car brands."We are interested in any unusual and representatives of the human race.Analyzed, measured and counted the highest and heaviest, fastest and most hairy, the smallest and worst people on the planet.

example, we know that the greatest people in the world live in the Netherlands - the average height of people in this country is 185 centimeters.And we are talking about a state in which only 100 years ago, when typing in the army every fourth rookie defective as it was below the required 157 centimeters in height.Moreover, even people who immigrated to the Netherlands from other parts of the world, turned higher on average than members of racial groups in their home countries.

However, some sources claim that the biggest living people on the African continent: in Kenya, Samoa and Tanzania.But it is important, when it comes to specific populations.And if you take the average growth of the country, the palm is still the Dutch.Scientists believe that the reason for this lies in the genetics of the people, the high level of medicine and nutrition, rich in protein of animal origin.

Of course, many people in the country is much higher than average growth.There are those who are up to 2 meters 13 centimeters in height.In everyday life such giants suffer considerable inconvenience.Because the greatest people in the Netherlands were united in a special "party" and made to building the organization increased the doorways, and car companies to change the standard interior of the car.

In the ancient world the highest were the Romans, the two palm of the last century kept the Americans, who today grow larger in width than the top.True, "the fattest country on the planet," the United States can not be called.In the ranking in 2010, they took only 8 th place in the world.But 79% of the population in the United States are overweight.Most big people (in terms of weight) live in tiny Nauru.95% of the population of this state have a body mass index of more than 25. It is not surprising, because on a small island in the Pacific Ocean has long been a tradition, according to which the girls from noble families kept locked up and specially fattened.Today, the fat content contributes to the population and change the nature of power.Previously the natives ate fish and vegetables, and now - refined and modified products, pouring from the West.

While we were talking about statistics.And who champions on height and weight?What is the biggest man ever lived on Earth?The English-language sources, wrote that it was the American Robert Wadlow, the growth of which was 272 centimeters.We can be proud of the Slavic giant Theodore Mahnovym.A native of a small hamlet, located not far from the Belarusian Vitebsk, lived in the late XIX - early XX centuries.According to the Polish anthropologists, his height is 285 centimeters.Fattest man in the world weighed 635 kilograms and was living in the twentieth century.It was an American named Jon Brower Minnoch.

Unfortunately, champions of height and weight are people who have serious health problems.Perhaps they would be happy to agree to abandon such questionable leadership.