"The Adventures of Baron Munchausen."

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Who of us in childhood did not hear the name of this incredible narrator, who is so gravely talked about his adventures?Do you think there is a person who has not read "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen"?Summary of his friends not only because of the excellent book by Erich Raspe, but also of the many cartoons and movies.Let us remember childhood favorite fairy tale and story.

¬ęThe Adventures of Baron Munchausen": summary

product consists of several separate stories united by one character - a little old man with a big nose.He assures his readers that all of what he says near the fireplace - the truth!

The first is the story of how Baron slept in the open field, while in the snowy Russia.He tied his horse to a small column.But what it was his surprise when, after waking Munchausen found himself lying on the town square, and his horse hung in the bell tower.Releasing four-legged friend, the hero went on to a sleigh.But on the way polkonya ate the wolf, so Baron harnessed predator and thus made it to St. Petersburg.

Hunting Baron

innovative and resourceful protagonist of the book is different crucified.The Adventures of Baron Munchausen continue, and next time he tells about how to hunt wild ducks, igniting gunpowder in the gun sparks of their own eyes or their alluring bacon.Birds even told him home, give an unforgettable air travel.

with hunting related to many adventures of Baron Munchausen.Stories are conducted on how the hero shot partridges hot rods and then cook them as he beat a fox to whip until she jumped out of her lush pelts.The shooting of a pig tail, which was held for the pig, the enterprising Baron brought the animal right on your kitchen.And how Munchausen shot deer cherry stone, and then have that on his head grew a tree, and all legends.But the gallant baron, favorite children and adults, has turned the wolf inside, defeated a mad coat, caught a hare with eight legs.

Artwork "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen", a summary of which can not convey all the magic of subtle humor and storytelling very interesting.Remember how laughed reading the Taming of the rabid horse in Lithuania on how the horse gate cut back, and Baron had to catch her, chasing her across the field to sew back.Be sure to remember everyone legendary flight Munchausen at the nucleus and how he freed himself from the swamp by pulling himself for pigtail.

Epilogue Of course, this is not all the adventures of Baron Munchausen.Summary can not accommodate all these fantastic stories.After all, the main character had been in Turkish captivity, the ball of bees, traveled to India, Ceylon, the Americas, the Mediterranean.And everywhere a quick mind to save lives and to the character and the other characters, he tells you how to get the gold and food.

hero always stressed that does not tolerate lies, approved that on one island for fraud severely punished.All of his stories - the truth, and he - the most honest people in the world.It is difficult to disagree with this, do not you?