Which phone is better to buy for work and leisure?

More recently, cell phones were a luxury for most people.Their appearance was a breakthrough in technology.Now phones - an integral part of everyday life.Although they have become readily available, they are the usual accessories and expression.Current models are different from cellular phones of the last century.Who is not only phone calls and writing messages, but also makes a lot of new activities.To the extent that the Council, which you better have a snack in the evening.This new function of the machine and push to buy a new mobile phone.In this article you will find out which phone is better to buy what specifications should look at a choice of machine.
Which phone is better to buy?- Pressing question every day

When you buy the phone you need to pay close attention to a number of factors: the shape of battery, a range of network functionality.And, you know, to answer your question about what is best to buy the phone, is not so simple.After all, you need to calculate where the phone will work as

enough of a battery, a body suit you.

range network

Russian, European and Asian mobile operators use a range of frequencies of GSM-900/1800 standard.Therefore, you should choose a phone that supports both standard as well as himself, if necessary, automatically selects the right and switch to it.

Form Factor

How to buy a phone?Candybar, slider, clamshell or touch?It all depends on you.How do you prefer to use, and select one.If you are interested in a durable and reliable, this candy bar.For easy conversation - clamshell.But for compact slider.Touchscreen phones are bigger in size, but are multifunctional.


you should decide for what purpose you will be using his faithful "friend."If only to make calls, you'll like the monochrome display.With this screen, your phone will run longer on a single charge, and the price of these models is very different from the color.Colored phone buy if you plan to use additional multimedia functions.Due to this they are almost forced out black and white mobile market.


Mobile phones with NiMH batteries typically consume little power.These batteries are very cheap.It is best to use them, if you bought a black and white telephone.For modern color mobile phones suitable lithium-ion or a simple lithium-polymer battery.

Which phone is better to buy at £ unctional

Before you almost finish line.It remains to be defined, for whom is buying.And after that it becomes clear what is better to buy a phone.You will choose between low-end models of the middle class phones, multimedia devices, cell business class and fashion models, as well as smartphones.It all depends on the purpose for which you need a cell phone.
I hope this review has helped you answer the question we set ourselves at the beginning: "What is better to buy a phone?»