Favorite color and sexuality (test)

Group specialists physiologists tell the world about the relationship between your favorite color and human sexuality.The clothes you wear, the furniture in your house, the car you drive - all of this can tell us about the features of your sexuality.The key to its understanding - the colors that you choose.Many people claim that they have no favorite colors.But look around and you will see some color preferences in your clothes and home decor.

Red. People who like red tend to show themselves tigers in bed.They are easily aroused and enjoy sex in any way.Once inflamed, they can burn for hours in the bedroom.When two fan red erotic follow may resemble endlessly erupting volcano."Red" lovers tend to be aggressive, so fans of other, more sedate colors, should take care of its security.

Yellow. If you prefer yellow, your sexual energy can easily adapt to any other.Favorite color of homosexuals - yellow.But do not despair - not everyone who wears yellow - "blue".In most cases, "yellow" easily yield a strong desire of its partners.Humor, jokes, anecdotes, pictures, photos, video ... Even if they will never fully enjoy sex, never rejected an offer adored lover.

Pink. People who love pink in sexual relations generally prefer continuous maneuvering tactics: women tend to tease, to promise more than they can give.In some cases they flaunt their charms, but only because secretly hate men.Many prostitutes are proud of their wardrobes in pink.Men who prefer pink - Don Juan and not without inclination to coquetry.They belong to the category of lovers who prescribed a few dates in one evening, but did not come to any of them, drinking with friends at a nearby bar.Women whose husbands have "pink", this must be kept secret as carefully as possible.

Purple minutes.Loving this color generally consider themselves too sophisticated to silly love messing around in bed."Purple" women hate when during intercourse their hair turns into a crow's nest."Purple" men fit to love the games in the business.Both partners in this color dominates the desire to obtain satisfaction primarily for themselves.

Black. Black tends to be "black" sex.People who prefer the whole black, ill-suited to sex, so look for their own kind.They are usually masochistic or sadistic nature, so prone to distortions."Black" and sullen when they dejected than ever, they might have unpleasant surprises.Police psychiatrists claim that sex offenders prefer the color black.It is no coincidence that the uniform of young street thugs, usually black.

Green. Those who prefer green, pure and naive in sexual relations.Women who love green, make love all my life as a virgin.And men are always careless, clumsy and awkward but extremely charming."Green" lovers soft, friendly, but do not burn "African passion".In addition, they are very true in marriage.

Orange. Lovers of this color are prone to sexual fantasies.The sexual act is regarded as a dramatic one-act play in which they are "stars".Foreplay is just as important as the act itself.They whisper sweet nothings to each other, are empty dialogue.They're all at the mercy of his imagination.The "orange" people often do not experience orgasm, but they do not care about that.Men like to pull hair partners, and women leave red welts on the back of partners.

Brown .If you love brown, you're a real treasure for a good marriage."Brown" lovers warm and deep feelings, attentive to the desires of their partner.Sex 24 hours a day?No problems!Nestled by the fire, walking in the rain or catching snowflakes tip of the tongue - everything is for "brown."They need a lot of time to make love in an intimate setting certainly deep.However, even one harsh word could upset relations.

Gray. Gray prefer indecisive people."Grey" men look for sex no more, no less than as a relief.Women who love gray, not making love - they have sexual relations.And only for two reasons: to perform marital duties or become pregnant.They see a crack in the plaster in the bedroom until last sexual intercourse.But when the "gray" marries, it is truly going on in heaven.

Blue. lovers blue - wonderful sex partners.They are loving, affectionate and attentive to the needs of the partner.They believe that the act of love - is a form of art, so their sexual approaches elegant.Men who love blue, reminiscent of piano on the stage: they are so delicately treated with a partner, as if going to play the baby grand piano.Women "in blue" enjoy sex fully.They are sensual partner, but their passion is like the ebb and flow, not the fire element.Both the man and woman enjoy the foreplay, but after orgasm as they are sensual.Married "blue" - the beautiful wife, never run to the side.

White. If a person crazy about white, sex often seems to him filthy.These people Puritans in nature."French Kiss" for them obscene and making love in the afternoon - are unacceptable.Women who love white will undress behind the screen.Men will shower before and after sexual intercourse.In addition, the "white" is often referred to his genitals names affectionate nickname of their pets.

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