6 ways to bring the magic of a relationship

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turns, the magic in our love story depends on our inner attitude and perception of themselves and others.Yes Yes!What, in general, it is logical that if you are in harmony with each other, then with a partner you will be easy and, accordingly, romance and harmony relationship attached to it.

But what quality and state of mind necessary to educate themselves, so to speak, "to achieve zen" in a relationship?

1. The inner confidence.

This is a very important and very attractive to the opposite sex for money.When you're confident, relaxed, calm, they flock like bees to honey.And this confidence is simple enough ... to love and accept yourself for who you are!Do not fidget nervously, they say, oh, the hair has deteriorated, ink flowed or hold on stockings, and clearly understand: you - wonderful.Under any circumstances.

2. The tranquility and peace of mind.

"Everything will pass," - says the proverb."Everything that happens - neither good nor bad" - echoes the other.In a word - relax!The lack of aggression and sincere desire for peace throughout the world - is so sexy!

3. Conveniently = sexy.

main thing - not what you are wearing, and how to wear.Just rephrase: you should be comfortable in your body, your apartment, the clothes that you wear in your life as a whole!And then you will radiate beauty always, that you did not.

4. Creativity and creativity.

relationship is very important not to "stagnate".So safely - make them "flavor"!Write him a love letter ... lipstick on the bathroom mirror!Or send your photo in his underwear in the middle of the day, so he could not wait for the evening.Such and such little surprises and amenities like air feed ratio.

5. Sincerity.

always remain themselves.In view of the previous 4 points is required to strengthen your relationship.Boldly, but tactfully talk about their emotions, preferences and experiences in bed.Just tell myself about myself, do not allow yourself to stoop to the level of charges.

6. Easy, positive and humorous attitude.

Get cynicism and decadent mood!Open yourself to positive!Try to keep no matter what happens, to treat everything with humor (including learn to make fun of each other).Only by removing all negative, you will discover all the beauty of the beloved like a real - and the magic live forever in your relationship.

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