Summary of the "Doll" Nosov - the story that teaches compassion

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Yevgeny Nosov - writer, laureate of the State Prize.Gorky.He works a lot about the war, his native land.In his story "The Doll", he raises the issue of spirituality, spiritual callousness of people.Summary of the "Doll" Nosov help the reader to quickly become familiar with the product and make their own conclusions about him.


This story has two names - the second - a "Akimych."Why is that?Because he is the protagonist of the work.Summary Nosov "Doll" will acquaint the reader with that person.

narrated on behalf of Yevgeny Nosov.He talks about his comrades, with whom he fought in the Great Patriotic War.They Akimych together participated in several military operations, including in Belarus and Poland.But one other was wounded.

contusion has not passed unnoticed.Until now, though decades have passed already, as he is worried, then it loses the power of speech, pale, silent, and with the flour looks at him, and his lips while helplessly stretched tube.

Once they went to the beach with Akimych once vibrant and deep river.It is here that takes the reader a summary."Doll" Nosov begins at the scene of the pond.The writer talks about how powerful this river was before.The bed was overgrown with grass, it has narrowed.Akimych sadly I watched the spectacle.

Here's a story came up in his story E. Nosov "Doll."Summary tells of an unpleasant event.

Desecration doll

Once the author met his friend Akimych.He looked very worried.He pointed to the ditch, which lay a doll.She spread her legs and hands.His face was still comely.But his eyes were impressed, and beautiful hair could be seen burning place.The dress has been removed, and the blue pants and sdёrnuty body also was burned, it was istykano burning cigarette.

Akimych took the doll, stroked it and said it was not the first time.He saw almost the same in the trash lying around in piles of garbage.That is such a sad moment to lead the reader to a summary."Doll" Nosov makes you wonder about the cruel and cynical actions.

Funeral Doll

Akimych said that when he sees this, it even batters.And people go by with indifference.Pass a couple of lovers, families with children, and nobody pays attention to the abandoned and mutilated dolls.Akimych sure that this callousness of soul and blindness.

The protagonist was not so.This tells and summary."Doll" Nosov teaches the reader good and indifferent.Akimych took a shovel and outlined the place started to dig the grave.Kopal it diligently and conscientiously.

doll was an increase of about a meter, but the protagonist of the pit dug up a little more.He brought hay, put it in the groove, and have put it on top of the doll.Top is also sprinkled it with hay.He straightened martyr clothes and began to dig."Just do not bury it," - said Akimych pain.Rather, he was referring to human indifference, callousness.

story teaches kindness and compassion.