Waterproofing of the pool with their hands.

Not everyone can order a ready-made pool.That is why many are forced to do it.This process is very time-consuming and complex.And in the final stage it is necessary to take care of the most important - waterproofing.It influences not only the reliability but also in durability as a whole.Let's talk about what is and what is necessary waterproofing of the pool, as well as how to cope with this task without the involvement of specialists.

about the purpose and types of waterproofing

Before proceeding to the practical part of the work, I would like to talk a little about what functions are performed waterproofing.To do this, you must deal with her views.For example, the pool waterproofing is of two kinds: external and internal.

can guess that the outer insulation is used to protect structures from the effects of groundwater.The internal waterproofing is necessary in order to dial in the pool water did not destroy the concrete structure from the inside.In addition, if you are going to build a swimming pool inside the building, you do not need to use an external waterproofing.

should be understood that any type of insulation does not solve all the problems.Yes, it will be protected from moisture from any direction, but no more.If the pool bowl is made with deviations, the waterproofing will not help here.

About tab waterproofing

lot of mistakes at this stage.The fact that the waterproofing must settle even during the construction of the pool.And if the work will be done at the wrong time, it can develop cracks in the 3 mm or more.This will lead to the ingress of moisture in the concrete base that will launch a gradual process of destruction.

often want to use different materials for waterproofing (daubing rolls).For example, Obmazochnaya insulation requires a carefully prepared bowl and its base.At the same time, in some cases using a single-component mixture, in others - a two-component cement-based polymer.It is this type is used for internal processing.For outdoor applications use roll materials.Since they have poor adhesion to some surfaces, then use them for domestic work does not make sense.

short about technology

We have already dealt with those for which the need waterproofing.Who would like to see the technology for internal and external works.All work can be done manually, but this will require a bit of theoretical knowledge.

inner layer of waterproofing is performed immediately before finishing the pool.For this purpose obmazochnye reinforced materials.They are necessary to prevent seepage of moisture through the construction inside the cup, which can lead to its destruction.

Exterior waterproofing is realized through the introduction of a concrete mixture of plasticizers.The appointment is the latest high strength and water resistance of the cup.The work should be carried out during construction, if this is not possible, then at the stage of repair works.In any case, waterproofing concrete pool - a mandatory procedure.Many experts emphasize that the quality waterproofing has to be not only a strong and supple as to create monolithic layer, protects against moisture.

pools Waterproofing under tiles

Now I would like to talk about how to protect the concrete foundation from moisture inside.Such waterproofing is carried out under the tile.After the bowl was filled and formed, it must be completely dry and harden.You can then apply a waterproofing.It will fit almost any flexible mixture.It is better to put several layers, it is so much safer.To eliminate leakage at any site, the waterproofing should be distributed evenly over the bottom and walls of the bowl.

Basically, waterproofing swimming pool tile is fairly simple and fast.The main thing is to pay attention to the quality of the mixture and apply it as evenly as possible.After drying it is necessary to check the pool.To do this, it is filled with water, which is released after a while.Then you can draw some conclusions.If leaks are found, they can cover up.

pools Waterproofing materials and all of them

abundance of modern waterproofing materials is simply amazing.It may even seem that sometimes it is simply impossible to choose, because a lot of them.But it is extremely important to pay attention to the design features of the bowl.And only then proceed to the selection of an insulating material.

most popular and at the same time relatively low material is a film of high strength.It has many advantages, but they can all be wiped out by one minus.The fact is that if the film will be at least one of the smallest hole it is necessary to change the entire layer.

impossible not to draw attention to the membrane materials.This film is PVC, TPO, and others.This waterproofing has a lifespan of about 50 years, and is environmentally friendly.Nevertheless, self-assemble PVC film is very difficult, and the material itself is very expensive.

Mastics and bentonite mats

In most cases, the mastic is not used as a separate waterproofing for many reasons.The fact is that they do not always provide a proper result.But during the repair inside the pool without them difficult to manage.Any local damage with putty to cover better.It is economical and reliable.It is recommended to acquire mastic from the following manufacturers: "Psaykpes", "Penetron" and "Kalmatron".

Bentonite mats is suitable as a primary waterproofing.But it must be understood that bentonite pellets washed shower.In addition, there shall be a requirement for full load, which must not exceed 200 kg / m2.This material is very resistant to mechanical damage and has the ability to regenerate.

of work stages

often perform waterproofing already at the end of construction work.First, it is desirable to perform external manipulation.For this pool walls are cleaned of soil and concrete residues.Moreover, purification must be carried out to a depth of cushion perimeter.The next step is using the gun to embroider the seams of the walls to a depth of 5 cm. The resulting holes lay the mastic, which must be carefully smooth out.Exterior walls should be slightly moistened with water, and after about 15 minutes, a penetrating insulation.After 24 hours, the second layer is applied.The thickness of each layer should be about 2 mm.In principle, the waterproofing of the pool with his hands outside the nearly completed.Walls can be further covered with liquid rubber.At the end of the wall is filled with soil, preferably not moldboard and clay.

more about the inner workings

We have a little understood so as performed waterproofing inside the basin.The fact that the right to perform domestic work at times more difficult than the exterior.Firstly, there is more important to the quality of the waterproofing material and its specifications, second layer must be perfect, free from cracks.

Many experts recommend the use of cement-polymer mixture (self-leveling).It is poured onto the floor surface.But it is desirable to treat the surface of the walls of penetrating insulation.Thus it is necessary to pay attention to areas such as the corners of walls, abutment walls and floor openings for pipes.It is these places are the most vulnerable and the most problematic.When completed, it is desirable to put the colored mastic in several layers, wait until it dries and test the waterproofing.


So we talked to you about how to carry out interior and exterior waterproofing.If the material is properly selected, as well as respected technology, then everything should be fine.For example, liquid waterproofing for pools often washed out, but is resistant to mechanical damage, but with the film due to the high pressure water does not happen, but any damage to it will require repair.In any case, carry out the waterproofing of concrete basin it is necessary.So you can protect the base from premature destruction.Remember that it is better not to perform the work during the repair, and during the construction work.So greatly increased the efficiency of the waterproofing.