How putty machine?

Every car owner is familiar with the process, as the filler machine that is running in order to eliminate irregularities and scratches.Also putty helps to keep the car from the negative effects of rust.The most difficult step in the process - is the final surface treatment.The finish coat of the car requires a lot of effort in order to achieve the desired result.Sometimes motorists have to all day shkurit sandpaper bumper, door, or other body parts after putty.But just how well you prepare the surface will depend on the time spent on final processing (ie grinding) putties.In this article, we describe how putty machine according to the rules.

preparatory process

putty starts with surface preparation.To start, you need a thorough cleaning of paint with alcohol or gasoline.These two substances help you eliminate unnecessary dirt from the surface and degrease the future space filler.But in any case, do not use water with the powder, as this will only make the situation worse!After cleaning, you will see all the small cracks that need repair.So you not only degrease the surface, but also know the boundaries of the defective portion of all chips and cracks.Next, you need to use sandpaper.It is advisable to use coarse nazhdachku (in their properties as much as possible, she cleans all the sharp metal areas).Do not forget about rust, especially if the term of your car exceeds the age mark of 10 years, as the putty can only be whole areas of the machine (ie, those that do not corrode).Otherwise, all the work will go, as they say, down the drain - priming crack and putty over time simply fall off.After training, you can proceed directly to the process of putty.

How putty machine?Apply the first coat

All existing types of filler on today can be divided into several types.She is finishing, roughing and universal.The first layer is recommended to apply with rough putty, that is rough.The whole process is done with a rubber spatula.This layer is applied with a hardener, which is often sold along with a jar of putty.In the meantime, the layer dries (the time is about one and a half to two hours), you can do the alignment.Make sure that in the end did not appear on the iron irregularities, curves and bulges.You can remove them with the help of an ordinary kitchen knife and nazhdachki.

How putty machine?Application of a second layer

Only after the first layer is completely dried up and aligned, you can start applying the second coat.This is done without the use of a hardener as putty machine a second time with the addition of this substance is simply unreasonable.Apply all the same as the first time - with a rubber spatula.Everything at this stage can proceed to the primer.