We look at the world with a positive angle

Your life - it's your thoughts.And each of us have heard this phrase more than one or two times - does not work!You sit on the couch, thinking about a million dollars, and it does not appear.You're tired of fighting, tired of work honestly, tired of doing something for others, and then there's the new shoes she asked.Your life is worthless, and even all the magical art of attracting happiness does not work - luck everyone but you.Why not materialize thoughts?

So, the answer is very simple: thoughts create feelings, and those - stable states, which then become actions.And only then - the results.Here is an example: a man has got a job.He is doing in polnogi their duties, he goes to drink tea with colleagues, superiors and gossips about complaining about low wages.On Fridays, walks into a bar, and on Saturdays from his wife listens to hysteria on the subject that she has nothing to wear, and it is hanging around the bars, the scandal ends with a neighbor gatherings by talking about the fact that "all women - bitches."Sunday flies at the TV and in the evening a person suffers that "tomorrow back to work."

To be honest, this is the description of a good half of our country.And the root of all is in the mind of every person.You think so "normal", do you think that one day all will come true, but it does not come true."How unfair life!".

And now propose to change the angle.Look out the window.You live, you can see this beautiful and wonderful world, you can breathe the air, the smells, you can walk, talk, listen to music.Nothing and no one bothers you to achieve the desired.Only your mind - the inability to act, the fear of failure, possible obstacles of past failures."I can not".Take a piece of "no", because you yourself put it.You will succeed only if you really want this.

Why such confidence?

You can always satisfy your hunger if you want to eat.So you are able to achieve what you wish - you set a goal.An example of an elementary, but every road begins with a step.If you set a goal, and it is clearly presented, you begin to feel a sense of duty, your condition becomes permanent move to the picture painted in the head.

And the goal, which was first a thought is realized."I can not", "will not work", "bad", "I am a loser" - all your thoughts.Take it and do not think of.Better think what a wonderful new day you met.After all, you're never in it was not.Note, the mood changed?There was a conviction that now succeed.Memorable, puts on repeat and cool when the clouds gathered again.Learn to think in new ways.

You see, everything is easy.Each person has the same capacity as you, Einstein, at the Da Vinci, a janitor from next door and only baby born.The balance of the game change a way of thinking.When the playing field the size of planet Earth, we should not think that you are a pawn, queen go.For your games have the whole world.

Author: Denis Chernakov, head coach and ideologist of the project "TransformationĀ»