Dilapidated phrase: "What is radical?"

word "radical" dart in the lives of ordinary people from the media more often than they say to each other, "Ela-burns."From this it became dilapidated and useless and colors to some ironic and negative sense.In chemistry, the word remains normal, honorable, it represents part of a molecule that has lost its basis and this has become a reactive - she is looking for, where to join.But individual substance (free radicals) due to some kinetic constraints under normal conditions are stable.

In a society increasingly difficult

dilapidated by frequent or inappropriate use of the word ceases to be perceived by people.They move his shoulders and ask again, "What is a radical?".And then forget.After all, tomorrow is the word again vyporhnet from TV, loaded an entirely different meaning, which is a radical (!) Different from the fact that it carries today.

What are radicals?Determination

radical - a person who can not tolerate the slow tread of history and takes some effort to adjust it.It is an active and restless person, feeling the pain of others, and love the fact that he was familiar and dear.This is a person with his own outlook, actions he commits only those who personally feel good.He can not be imposed through zomboyaschik opinion, because real life flows through its heart.

radical - this view is different from the average opinion of the crowd.That's easy to answer, what is radical, it is impossible, because the radical nature can be left and right, upper and lower, hot and cold, but she never happens either lukewarm or mediocre.Radicals found sillier engine, but never meet among them a man with a vast mind, the mind that Satan rejoices.Among them, no murderers and scoundrels because they are open, as if in the palm of your hand.Their words are never at variance with the case.Radical imagine this can not be like this: say one thing and do - more.

Historical background

If you get a grasp of historical kutyumy, it turns out an interesting fact and paradoxical response to the question: "What is radical in history?".They are the ones who write history itself, remaining on her golden pages incorruptible and majestic.From under their names streaming blood - often their own, but other people, too.But it is the blood that fertilizes the earth to multiply out of it and three times, and seven times, and ten times.

They can not tolerate stagnation and decay warm.Therefore it can not be found in the history of the environment among the tyrants of the people who have radically stood against tyranny.This is currently impossible to imagine.Among those who offered the tyrant to the top, full of radicals.They are trusting, like children.But the first to lay their heads on the chopping block and the ax bounced under the joyful shrieks of the crowd.And for good reason Goethe said that those who go against the evil, long neck.Probably, to it was convenient to the executioners to earn livelihood.

Gaunt and Zaliznyak.What they lived?That centurion, and one for an audience to King traveled.And Minin Pozharsky?A rich merchant.Yes, it is a modern oligarch, any authority can afford.Pozharsky even easier - a major military commander, who had five good curry favor with the authorities.But they were radicals.Swamp and rot is not for them, even a comfortable and warm.And when the clouds were dispelled, they have gone unnoticed and remained unconscious for 150 years.Their names surfaced, highly artistic monument set, the music was written with words.Sing now the glory and honor, as if they had founded a dynasty rather than the Romanovs.

political life.How to ripen the solution?

modern state and society - a tangled interests.From the side to see them scared.To and policies devised to untwist intricacies.When they work well, the politics are normal people do not talk.Policies for the layman should not be.If the man in the street talking about politics, it means that the pockets of his devastated country and to the philistine got skin.And it's time to worry about - what is it?Radicals where and why remain silent?But the state is not down to earth is reset.It consists of very real people who are obliged to perform certain functions.For taxes and figure out how to charge for the functions, rather than as extortion.

but the state run ordinary people who love and warm rotting marsh environment.And quietly rotted to the State together with the people, if there were no restless people.And suddenly become interested inhabitant hears screams from the top: What is radical in politics?This destruction of stability!And paradoxically - top shouting something right.Indeed, the stability is destroyed, and this nobody will melt easily.But the rotten meat from the body of the state begins to fall away, exposing the nerves.And only now begins a process called decision.

And so everywhere.Only in some countries decay lasts for decades, and in others - a couple of months.