How to restore the Language bar

use of a personal computer is often accompanied by the appearance of various hardware and software problems that cause confusion and irritation, especially for novice users, yet has not been studied until the end of all the subtleties of the use of operating systems and applications that do not know how to correct certain errors necessarilyarising during operation.It is worth noting that most of the professionals who are engaged in repair of computers unanimously declare that the majority of the problems that are turning PC owners to service centers, especially software, can be solved in a matter of seconds, and their removal does not require any in-depth knowledge in the field of computer technologyand programming.Ignorance of the moment plays into the hands of various "experts" to work at home customer.A very common situation is when a user, recently bought a computer as a result of their wrong actions and the emergence from his point of view, unsolvable problems, forced to turn to an outsider.This "expert" comes, including a computer, makes the smart appearance ... and then starts acting of ... The less experienced user and careless than the root of the problem is unclear explain "specialist", a guest from the outside, the more money will be in your pocket at the last.Thus, the money is spent, but the problem is really not there!Or it was, but it could be resolved on its own, if the user has shown diligence and looked for ways to solve their problem, even through the Internet.Let's try to solve at least one small problem - how to restore the Language bar.

One of the most asked questions specialist computer scientists is how to restore the Language bar, which suddenly disappeared from the taskbar, and without which you can not change the language of the keyboard layout.The reasons for the disappearance of the Language bar can be different - from the banal thoughtless "clicking with" where the mouse should not be to the effects of computer viruses.

The easiest method to forget about the question of how to restore the Language bar is next.He performed just three steps:

  1. hovers over the toolbar on the desktop and click the right button.
  2. In the menu that appears, select the item "Toolbars" and then click on the line "Language Bar"
  3. Admiring the result - to restore the Language bar windows xp succeeded in three clicks!

following recovery methods Language bar is to use the tools "Control Panel."

  1. Start "Control Panel".You can do this in several ways.For example, call the "Start" menu, select the item "Settings" in which there is a line "Control Panel»
  2. In the "Control Panel" should find the icon "Regional and Language Options", then select the tab "Languages" tab "More".After that, click on the label "Language Bar" and check the check mark next to the item "Show the Language bar on the desktop»

In the case where the above does not work, it can be concluded that the problem lies in the system registry settings or startup.To return the Language bar in this case, you can try the following:

  1. Call the "Main Menu" by pressing the "Start" button and select the item "Run»
  2. the dropdown box has a text box in which you must enter the followingline: C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ ctfmon.exe and press Enter.
  3. Conduct actions to restore the language bar through the "Control Panel", which have been described in the previous method.

In the case of computer viruses, most often the answer to the question how to restore the Language bar will be the use of anti-virus software, which not only clean your computer from malicious software, but also help to restore the lost data, including restore the Language bar xp.