Centenarians planet - who are they?

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Long life has always attracted the attention of mankind.Remember even attempts to create the Philosopher's Stone, one of whose functions was to be immortal.And in modern times, there are many diets, recommendations on life and numerous psevdosekrety that supposedly allow a person to live more than tribesmen.However, guaranteed to extend the life of anyone is not possible, that's why people are curious to those who have yet to receive it.

defined in terms

First of all, we need to understand who is classified as "Centenarians planet."The most common definition - those whose age exceeded 90 years.In this case, these people quite a lot.In Russia alone, there are about 350 thousand.Some sources suggest centenarians considered those already celebrated its centenary.And this is not a record - among Russians of almost seven thousand.

second difficulty: whom to believe and how to check.Anyone can claim that he knocked, say, 150, and do it convincingly enough, if good knows the history of his native land.So the world centenarians are divided into two groups: verified (that is, those whose age is documented), and presumably - those to prove the date of birth can not.

And the third problem: select the winner from those who are still alive, or to take into account all those who crossed the mark of 110 years?Indeed, many centenarians planet, the list of which is not so short, yet managed to die.

official record holder

prove a winner, lived up to 2012, was a Georgian Khvichava, which is a bit has not held up to 133 years.Documents confirming her birth in 1880, were recognized as authentic, so that the oldest man (a woman) was awarded a record in the Guinness Book of Records and received a certificate.It is noteworthy that until the last day Khvichava retained mental alertness.Despite the fact that all her work experience has been linked with agriculture, it is always interested in cutting-edge innovations: shortly before she died, she wanted her family taught her to communicate with the computer.We can say that at the moment is the oldest survivor of the planet.The record for the duration of earthly existence has no beat.

second winner

And it is also a woman.She died earlier Khvichava, in 1997, but until then confidently held the championship.At this time, the former is the oldest person born in France, five years earlier than Georgians, but, alas, died nine years before their next record.Its life span was limited to 122-a-half years.Jeanne Calment name in the list of "Centenarians planet" We also note and irrepressible sense of humor exhibited by the last day.In addition, the French was just a volcano of energy: 85 fencing began in earnest, 100 fascinated by bicycle, almost professional.

most common age

summer of 2013 died one of those who are called centenarians planet.He lived to be 115 years old, the Japanese name of Kamiukavy Jiroemon Kimura.Title winner in 2012 was due to the fact that older people have on hand evidence of their age, the world is left.Recipes centenarians, it must be said, are diverse.If it was Joan vitality and activity, then Kimura is primarily a moderate and balanced diet.

By the way, the same age (115) spent the previous record holder - Christian Mortensen, a Dane by birth and an American in citizenship.His contribution to the recipes longevity - no red meat, lots of fish, optimistic, friends and singing.

115 years, apparently, the most popular age for long-lived.Puerto del Toro also held up to those years and was among the champions.But to date no one has reached this milestone, so now the oldest is considered again the Japanese Tomoji Tanabe was born in 1895.However, to win the date he left not so much.


Noteworthy is the fact that women are much more long-lived than men.For example, in 2007 the world was officially registered 84 people who were over 110 years old, and only nine of them male.

those over 100, but less than 110 years, the world almost two hundred thousand, and the sex ratio again, not in favor of men, although not as depressing.

lot of centenarians gives Japan and mountainous country, including Abkhazia, Georgia, Circassia, Azerbaijan.In Karachayevsk even set up a club called "Society centennial anniversaries", which consists of eight members, the youngest of whom 104 years.In Japan, those over 100, more than 28 thousand, and each year this figure is growing.

Informal centenarians

However, until now we have listed those who, without any doubt, was able to prove their age.This list does not fall into the other "most-most" - survivor of the planet, who could not prove it by quite objective reasons: the war, the destroyed church records of infants, small villages where literacy something was not ... However, the probability of their compliance with the declared agereal very high.Therefore, it's worth mentioning Hungarians Petridge and Zort has, lived 186 and 185 years, respectively, Ossetian TENS Abzive, which lasted up to 180 Albanian Khandjeri, who died at the age of 170 years and a Pakistani Mabud Sayyad, who only a year has not held up to 160.

absolute record

If you do not require the claimant to the title of absolutely precise evidence, that clearly is already installed the oldest survivor of the planet.The record belongs to a Chinese named Li Ching-Yun, who died in 1933, he considered the year of his birth in 1736, ie at the time of death, he was 197 years old.However, this age has been disproved, and, oddly enough, in a big way.University professor Wu Changshin found documents showing the birth of any more in 1677.Not only preserved authentic, documented data on the congratulations of the man by the Chinese Emperor, and they treated his anniversaries in the 150 and 200 years.This double confirmation requires painstaking research, so until proven nor disproved the title of Lee in the category "Centenarians planet."

mysterious country

However, this is not the only and not the greatest of the mystery of life of individual representatives of humanity.For decades scientists haunted mystery of the Indian tribe of Hunza.Its members do not get sick, do not suffer from tooth decay, have excellent eyesight and live more than 110 years, all the polls.And this despite the fact that the neighboring tribes have a complete set of all current (and even forgotten civilization) diseases, and the average old age does not even reach 60. At Hunza centenarians has its own recipes: meat - only on holidays, vegetables - raw, and verya lot of fruits.Important in these principles of nutrition - not to deviate from them ever.Even in the spring, in the absence of fresh fruit, they do not shy away from the chosen path.Instead of breakfast-lunch-dinner during these difficult months Hunza once a day drink a glass of juice from the fruit, harvested last summer.

Perhaps for reasons of longevity and relative foreign youth of this nation can be attributed to their habit of swimming in ice-cold water, as well as extreme physical activity.As a result, women and deeply Hunza 60 give birth to healthy viable offspring.And researchers noted the high Hunza natural cheerfulness that is attributed to her by a significant part of his longevity.

Scientists have not figured out why some people live longer than others.Applicable for all recipes longevity does not exist: some indulged in bad habits, someone ate only fish or fruit, someone led an active life, and someone allowed himself to be lazy ... The only common feature of all centenarians - optimismand cheerfulness.Maybe this is the coveted Philosopher's Stone?